Thesaurus Term/Concept: CAUSEWAY

Identifier 70272
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note A road or pathway raised above surrounding low, wet or uneven ground.

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Context Record
Monument Type MDR2704 Atlow Moat, Atlowmoat Farm, Atlow (Monument)
Monument Type MDR14892 Coal bell pits, White Path Moss, Stanage Edge (Monument)
Monument Type MDR12056 Hollow way or causeway, Raven's Low Flat, Hartington Upper Quarter (Monument)
Monument Type MDR451 Little Hayfield Causeway (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4908 Matlock Road, Timber Raft (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8185 Middle Bronze Age logboat and possible causeway, Aston upon Trent (Find Spot)
Monument Type MDR5170 Moated Site, Holmesfield (Monument)
Monument Type MDR23125 Possible Dam or Eroded Causeway, River Trent, West of Tanner's Lane, Repton (Site)
Monument Type MDR8131 Ridge and furrow near the Dove Bridge, Doveridge (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7439 Stone causeway, Big Moor, Baslow and Bubnell (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4394 Swarkestone Bridge and Causeway to Stanton by Bridge (Scheduled Monument)
Monument Type MDR1789 Turnpike bridge, Peter Dale, Wormhill (Monument)