Thesaurus Term/Concept: TAPE MILL

Identifier 87125
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note A mill used for the manufacture of narrow strips of woven fabric used in the closing or fixing of garments, or for binding the edges of fabric goods.

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Context Record
Monument Type MDR10303 Alexandra Mill, Great Northern Road, Derby (Building)
Monument Type MDR11323 Alrewas Mill, Hanging Bridge, Clifton and Compton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR10307 Former Monk Street Tape Mill, Woods Lane, Derby (Building)
Monument Type MDR10266 Former plaster and cement works, Peet Street, Derby (Building)
Monument Type MDR10308 Former Stockbrook Mill, Monk Street, Derby (Building)
Monument Type MDR10300 Former tape manufacturer, Parliament St, Derby (Building)
Monument Type MDR10298 Former tape manufacturers, Coke Street, Derby (Building)
Monument Type MDR10302 Former tape mill, Lynton Street/Peet Street, Derby (Building)
Monument Type MDR10304 Former Vale Mills, Boyer Street, Derby (Building)
Monument Type MDR1706 Gooseholm Dam and Bobbin Mill, Bradford Dale, Middleton and Smerrill (Monument)
Monument Type MDR3463 Haarlem Mill, Derby Road, Wirksworth (Listed Building)
Monument Type MDR10301 Olive Mills, Olive Street, Derby (Building)
Monument Type MDR3425 Providence Mill, Gorseybank, Wirksworth (Building)
Monument Type MDR3423 Speedwell Mill, Wirksworth (Building)
Monument Type MDR10299 Tape manufacturers, Dean Street, Derby (Building)
Monument Type MDR10306 Tape mill (site of), Pelham Street, Derby (Building)
Monument Type MDR9630 Willowbath Tape Mill, Wirksworth (Building)