Thesaurus Term/Concept: BOLEHILL

Identifier 69181
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note An early form of lead furnace, set upon a hilltop or crest to utilize winds in smelting.

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Context Record
Monument Type MDR4839 Bole hearth and early lead smelting site, Matlock, Matlock Town (Place)
Monument Type MDR3564 Bowl barrow on Calton Pastures, Edensor (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7764 Lead bole and shaft, Beeley Moor, Beeley (Monument)
Monument Type MDR9987 Lead bole, Bull Hill, Kirk Ireton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR13353 Lead bole, Harland Edge, Beeley (Monument)
Monument Type MDR3860 Lead bole, Matlock Bank, Matlock Town (Monument)
Monument Type MDR9988 Lead boles (possible site of), Bull Hill, Hulland Ward (Monument)
Monument Type MDR15721 Lead boles, Bull Hill, Kirk Ireton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4219 Lead smelting hearth, Smelting Hill, Abney and Abney Grange (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4912 Lead smelting hearths, Shining Cliff, Alderwasley (Monument)
Monument Type MDR3651 Lead smelting sites, Beeley Edge, Beeley (Monument)
Monument Type MDR6939 Possible Bole site within cairn, North Lees- deleted record (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4164 Possible early lead smelting site (placename evidence) (Monument)
Monument Type MDR5017 Possible early lead smelting site, Bole Hill, Wingerworth (Monument)
Monument Type MDR5306 Possible early lead smelting, Bolehill, Barlow (Monument)
Monument Type MDR558 Possible lead smelting site, Bole Hill, Chinley (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4259 Round barrow or bolehill, North Lees, Outseats (Monument)
Monument Type MDR6928 Slag heap, Green's House, Outseats (Monument)