Thesaurus Term/Concept: CULTIVATION TERRACE

Identifier 68620
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note An area of land, usually on a slope, which has been built up to provide a flat surface for the cultivation of crops.

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Context Record
Monument Type MDR3082 Cultivation terraces (probably Medieval) (Monument)
Monument Type MDR3177 Cultivation terraces above Hopton Wood, Hopton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1894 Cultivation terraces, east of Rock Lodge Farm, Taddington (Monument)
Monument Type MDR3766 Cultivation terraces, Gratton Moor Farm, Gratton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR3851 Cultivation terraces, Grey Tor, Winster (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1916 Cultivation Terraces, Knot Low, Wormhill (Monument)
Monument Type MDR15451 Cultivation terraces, Tideswell Dale, Litton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR22628 Curvilinear terraces, south of Wakebridge (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7160 Earthwork features, Catton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4817 Earthworks west of St Matthew's Church, Morley (Monument)
Monument Type MDR16535 Field boundaries/terraces, Brown Hill, Whitfield (Monument)
Monument Type MDR2904 Field System, 420m south-east of Roystone Grange, Ballidon (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4114 Lynchets, 610m south of Highfields Farm, Stoney Middleton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4096 Lynchets, north of Hassop village (Monument)
Monument Type MDR6811 Padley Hall medieval Great House, Padley Manor Farm (Scheduled Monument)
Monument Type MDR3763 Strip lynchets, south-west of Gratton Grange Farm, Gratton (Monument)