Thesaurus Term/Concept: HOSPITAL

Identifier 68716
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note An establishment providing medical or surgical treatment for the ill or wounded. Use narrower term where possible.

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Context Record
Monument Type MDR839 Ashbourne, medieval hospital (Building)
Monument Type MDR6165 Beightonfields Priory, Beighton Fields, Barlborough (Monument)
Monument Type MDR15615 Dronfield Isolation Hospital, Holmley Lane, Dronfield (Monument)
Monument Type MDR23063 Former Shire Hill Hospital, off Bute Street, Glossop (Building)
Monument Type MDR8659 Great Stables, later Devonshire Hospital, Buxton (Building)
Monument Type MDR757 Hospital of St Leonard (site of), Hungry Bentley (Monument)
Monument Type MDR22811 Howard Park, Glossop (Monument)
Monument Type MDR5959 Medieval hospital (possible site of), Spital Green, Bolsover, Old Bolsover (Monument)
Monument Type MDR2316 Medieval Hospital (site of), Castleton Road, Castleton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4458 St Helen's Abbey (site of), Derby (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4528 St James Church, Priory Cell and Hospital (site of), St James Street, Derby (Monument)
Monument Type MDR3555 St. John's Hospital (Almshouses), South Church Street, Bakewell (Building)
Monument Type MDR6216 Staveley Hospital - founded c.1300 (Monument)
Monument Type MDR750 Tophouse Farm, Alkmonton - former Hospital Of St Leonard; fishpond (Monument)