Thesaurus Term/Concept: LITHIC WORKING SITE

Identifier 94214
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note A site which has produced evidence of in situ working of stone for the manufacture of tools, weapons or other objects. Such sites will usually, but not always, be of prehistoric date. Use object material where known.

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Context Record
Monument Type MDR280 Artefact scatter, King Sterndale (Monument)
Monument Type MDR3912 Bronze Age Flint, Riley, Eyam (Monument)
Monument Type MDR85 Flint and stone implements, Brierlow Grange, Hartington Upper Quarter (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1593 Flint and Stone Implements, Station quarry, Hartington Town Quarter (Find Spot)
Monument Type MDR9070 Flint scatter, Harpur Hill, Buxton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR2782 Flint scatter, Meynell Langley, Kirk Langley (Monument)
Monument Type MDR2450 Flint working site, Grinah Stones, Hope Woodlands (Monument)
Monument Type MDR16532 Flint working site, Totley Moor (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4012 Flint working site, Totley Moor (Monument)
Monument Type MDR11377 Flints and possible prehistoric round-house, Grey Ditch, Bradwell (Monument)
Monument Type MDR15196 Knapping debris and flint tool site, Hopton Quarries, Middleton Moor (Monument)
Monument Type MDR374 Lismore Fields Mesolithic and Neolithic Settlement, Lismore Park, Buxton (Site)
Monument Type MDR13275 Mesolithic and Neolithic activity, Waterswallows Lane, Green Fairfield (Monument)
Monument Type MDR573 Mesolithic flint and chert scatter, Melandra, Glossop (Monument)
Monument Type MDR579 Mesolithic site, Tintwistle Knarr, Tintwistle (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1594 Neolithic occupation, Mount Pleasant, Middelton and Smerrill (Monument)
Monument Type MDR6297 Prehistoric flintwork, Sherwood Lodge, Old Bolsover (Site)
Monument Type MDR79 Stoop High Edge, Stoop Farm, Hartington Middle Quarter (Monument)
Monument Type MDR6499 Whaley I Rock Shelter, Whaley, Old Bolsover (Monument)
Monument Type MDR6515 Whaley Rock Shelter II, Oxpasture Lane, Elmton (Monument)