Thesaurus Term/Concept: BELL PIT

Identifier 69103
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note A bell-shaped pit used in early coal mining. Use with functional type if known, eg. COAL WORKINGS.

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Context Record
Monument Type MDR242 ?Bell-pits, Raven's Low, Hartington Upper Quarter (Monument)
Monument Type MDR6205 Bell Pit and Earthwork, north-west of Hollinwood Farm, Syday Lane, Barlborough (Monument)
Monument Type MDR6611 Bell pit, Tinker's Pit, Hartington Upper Quarter (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8549 Bell pits (Monument)
Monument Type MDR6201 Bell Pits (site of), north of Smithy Brook, Spinkhill (Monument)
Monument Type MDR12447 Bell pits in Long Alders Plantation, Ticknall (Monument)
Monument Type MDR6203 Bell Pits north of Sheffield Road, Barlborough (Monument)
Monument Type MDR6204 Bell Pits south of Smithy Brook, Barlborough (Monument)
Monument Type MDR12448 Bell pits to the north of Heath Farm, Ticknall (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7839 Bell pits, Bell Lane, Smalley (Monument)
Monument Type MDR10202 Bell pits, Bower Plantation, Sutton Cum Duckmanton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7378 Bell pits, Bucka Hill, Baslow and Bubnell (Monument)
Monument Type MDR6202 Bell Pits, east of Hollinwood Farm, Barlborough (Monument)
Monument Type MDR6200 Bell pits, east of Spinkhill Road, Spinkhill (Monument)
Monument Type MDR5037 Bell pits, Mulberry Wood, Wingerworth (Monument)
Monument Type MDR6137 Bell pits, near Red Lodge Farm, Staveley (Monument)
Monument Type MDR6146 Bell pits, Red Lodge, Nether Handley (Monument)
Monument Type MDR6145 Bell pits, south of Little Foxstone Wood, Eckington (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7275 Bell pits, South Wood and nearby fields, Smisby/Ticknall (Monument)
Monument Type MDR5555 Bell pits, Sowbrook Lane, Ilkeston (Monument)
Monument Type MDR6212 Bell pits, West Wood, Staveley (Site)
Monument Type MDR7792 Bellpits, north of Syday Lane, Spinkhill (Monument)
Monument Type MDR2106 Cackle Mackle and Stadford Hollow lead mines, Longstone Moor, Great Longstone (Monument)
Monument Type MDR12049 Castledge Colliery - coal mine shafts and adit, Goyt Forest, Hartington Upper Quarter (Monument)
Monument Type MDR12050 Castledge Colliery - coal mine shafts, Goyt Forest, Hartington Upper Quarter (Monument)
Monument Type MDR14892 Coal bell pits, White Path Moss, Stanage Edge (Monument)
Monument Type MDR12053 Coal mine shafts, Wild Moor, Hartington Upper Quarter (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7060 Coal mining shafts and bell pits, Hall Wood, Church Gresley (Monument)
Monument Type MDR5867 Coal working site, Highfield Plantation, Alfreton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR6177 Cropmark bellpits, Spinkhill Road, Barlborough (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7759 Gratton Dale lead mines, Gratton Dale, Elton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8132 Harbourlands coal mine (remains of), Eckington (Monument)
Monument Type MDR5849 'Hilly Hollies', Cantelupe Road, Ilkeston (Monument)
Monument Type MDR6170 Nitticarhill Road, Bellpits (Monument)
Monument Type MDR23067 Possible Bell Pit, Lodge House Surface Mine, Bell Lane, Smalley (Site)
Monument Type MDR4875 Possible pitsteads', Lindway Springs Wood, Crich (Monument)
Monument Type MDR13281 Post-medieval bellpits, Riggotts Plantation, Holymoorside and Walton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR5903 Riddings Colliery (possible site of), Turner's Lane, Swanwick (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4697 Salterwood Colliery (site of) and earlier coal and ironstone workings, Denby Park, Denby (Monument)