Thesaurus Term/Concept: HORSE WHIM

Identifier 69367
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note A horse-powered winding engine used at mining sites.

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Context Record
Monument Type MDR2106 Cackle Mackle and Stadford Hollow lead mines, Longstone Moor, Great Longstone (Monument)
Monument Type MDR2277 Dirtlow Rake, Castleton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4111 Earthwork, 690m south-west of High Fields Farm, Stoney Middleton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR11939 Eldon Bent lead vein, Perrydale Farm, Peak Forest (Monument)
Monument Type MDR3179 Extensive lead mining remains, Middleton Moor, Middleton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR3029 Gorseydale Lead Mines, 300m north and 650m north-west of Moor Farm, Bonsall (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8711 Goyt Moss Colliery, Goyt's Moss, Hartington Upper Quarter (Site)
Monument Type MDR2098 Great Longstone Rake, Seedlow Rake, White Rake, Wardlow Sough Vein, Great Longstone (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1341 Hard Rake Mine, Ashford-in-the-Water (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4102 Harrybecca Leadmine, Hassop (Monument)
Monument Type MDR15267 Hentley Rake, near Dirtlow Rake, Castleton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1863 High Rake and Washers Rake, Windmill, Little Hucklow (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1492 Lead Mine Complex, Cotesfield Farm, Hartington Middle Quarter (Monument)
Monument Type MDR11942 Lead mines along Wrangling Rake, Perrydale Farm, Peak Forest (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1249 Lead mining, Knotlow Mine (aka Whale Mine - Crimbo Pipe), Monyash (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1306 Magpie Mine, Ashford-in-the-Water (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8790 Maury Mine, Priestcliffe Lees, Taddington (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4082 Muse Mine, 510m north-west of Black Dale Mine, Calver (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8026 Possible mine (spoil heap, horse whim and shaft). Swadlincote. (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1300 True Blue Mine Nucleated Lead Mine, Ashford (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1844 Watergrove Lead Mine and associated buildings, Watergrove, Foolow (Monument)
Monument Type MDR2285 Watt's Grove Lead Mines, Eldon Hill, Peak Forest (Monument)