Thesaurus Term/Concept: PLATFORM

Identifier 70401
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note Unspecified. Use specific type where known.

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Context Record
Monument Type MDR4048 ?Barrow, Calver Peak, Calver (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1986 ?Enclosure, Knot Low, Wormhill (Monument)
Monument Type MDR3025 ?House platform, field north of Aston Hill Bungalow, Elton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR334 Alleged Roman structure (site of), Terrace Road, Buxton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7585 Cairn, Birchen Edge North, Baslow and Bubnell (Monument)
Monument Type MDR14892 Coal bell pits, White Path Moss, Stanage Edge (Monument)
Monument Type MDR743 Cubley Hall Moated Site (Monument)
Monument Type MDR14981 Ditch and platform earthworks, Castle Plantation (Monument)
Monument Type MDR23051 Ditches and Features, Batham Gate Road, Wormhill (Site)
Monument Type MDR7205 Earthwork platforms, Sharp's Bottom, Smisby (Monument)
Monument Type MDR15671 Earthwork platforms, Shining Cliff Woods, Alderwasley (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1987 Earthwork, Flag Dale, 675m west-south-west of Well Head Farm, Wormhill (Monument)
Monument Type MDR14500 Earthworks, south-west of Potlocks House Farm, Willington (Monument)
Monument Type MDR6886 Field bank, Smelting Hill, Abney and Abney Grange (Monument)
Monument Type MDR2904 Field System, 420m south-east of Roystone Grange, Ballidon (Monument)
Monument Type MDR2667 Hoon Mount - Platform Bowl Barrow (Monument)
Monument Type MDR15352 Oval platform (possible), Alport Dale, Hope Woodlands (Monument)
Monument Type MDR5777 Park Hall Moated Site, Mapperley (Monument)
Monument Type MDR15385 Platform (possible), Alport Dale, Hope Woodlands (Monument)
Monument Type MDR22557 Platform, Holloway (Monument)
Monument Type MDR3154 Platformed Bowl Barrow, Middleton Moor (Monument)
Monument Type MDR2011 Possible building platform, Monks Dale, Wormhill (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8256 Possible deserted medieval village, Dale End, Gratton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR2124 Possible platform, Tideswell Dale, Litton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1164 Possible Roman platforms and findspot, summit of Thorpe Cloud, Thorpe (Monument)
Monument Type MDR23196 Possible timber structure (Site)
Monument Type MDR5710 Railway station (site of), Station Street, Long Eaton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR6186 Rectangular earthwork, Church Lane, Clowne (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8424 Rectangular platform and enclosure, Oker Lane, Oaker, South Darley (Monument)
Monument Type MDR22469 Rectangular platform, Starkholmes, south-west of Sitch Farm (Monument)
Monument Type MDR932 Roman camp?, Lombard's Green, Parwich (Monument)
Monument Type MDR3240 Roman Pottery, Bradbourne (Monument)
Monument Type MDR6910 Round cairn, south-west of Offerton House, Offerton Moor, Offerton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1686 Square Platform, Middleton Common (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7208 Track and platform, Bretby Park, Bretby (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1844 Watergrove Lead Mine and associated buildings, Watergrove, Foolow (Monument)