Thesaurus Term/Concept: CANAL

Identifier 70288
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note An artificial navigable waterway used for the transportation of goods. Nowadays also used for recreational purposes.

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Context Record
Monument Type MDR11165 Aqueduct, Cromford Canal, Bullbridge (Monument)
Monument Type MDR11155 Canal Aqueduct over River Dove, Egginton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR11625 Chesterfield Canal deviation, Staveley Iron Works, Staveley (Monument)
Monument Type MDR9884 Chesterfield Canal side cut (Curr Hole), off Church Lane, Killamarsh (Monument)
Monument Type MDR6152 Chesterfield Canal, Chesterfield, Brimington, Eckington, Killamarsh and Staveley (Site)
Monument Type MDR5719 Cranfleet Canal, Long Eaton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR9110 Derby Canal, Little Eaton branch, Erewash and Derby (Monument)
Monument Type MDR9103 Derby Canal, Sandiacre branch (route of), Erewash (Site)
Monument Type MDR10003 Derby Canal, Swarkestone branch (route of), Derby and South Derbyshire (Monument)
Monument Type MDR14399 Diverted Section of Peak Forest Canal, Newtown (Monument)
Monument Type MDR12512 Diverted section of the Cromford Canal, Sawmills, Ripley (Monument)
Monument Type MDR14372 Embankment and Remains of Railway Bridge, Shipley (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8908 Erewash Canal, Erewash and Amber Valley (Monument)
Monument Type MDR13296 Hunloke side cut, Nutbrook Canal, West Hallam (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4870 Leawood Arm (remains of), Cromford Canal, Lea Wood, Dethick, Lea and Holloway (Monument)
Monument Type MDR6134 Norbriggs Cutting, Chesterfield Canal (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8231 Nutbrook Canal, Shipley to Stanton by Dale, Amber Valley and Erewash (Monument)
Monument Type MDR517 Peak Forest Canal - Whaley Bridge arm (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8650 Pinxton Canal, Amber Valley and Bolsover (Monument)
Monument Type MDR9856 Second Canal Arm, Cromford Canal Wharf, Cromford (Monument)
Monument Type MDR5549 Stanhope Arm, Nutbrook Canal, Stanton-by-Dale (Monument)
Monument Type MDR11495 The Branch Canal (route of), Derby (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8781 The Cromford Canal, Amber Valley and Derbyshire Dales (Monument)
Monument Type MDR516 The Peak Forest Canal Upper Level, Derbyshire section (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7892 The Trent and Mersey Canal, South Derbyshire (Site)
Monument Type MDR7891 Trent and Mersey Canal, Willington parish - deleted record (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7685 Whaley Bridge Wharf, Whaley Bridge canal arm (Monument)