Thesaurus Term/Concept: GENERAL BAPTIST CHAPEL

Identifier 92111
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note A place of worship for General Baptists, a movement established by John Smyth in 1603 and which grew out of the original Baptist church. They believed in free will and are often referred to simply as Baptists.

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Context Record
Monument Type MDR13081 Baptist Chapel (site of), Burton Road, Overseal (Monument)
Monument Type MDR12753 Baptist Chapel (site of), Church Street, Ripley (Monument)
Monument Type MDR9842 Baptist Chapel, Chevin Road, Milford (Building)
Monument Type MDR5785 Baptist Church, Main Road, Smalley (Building)
Monument Type MDR9717 Duffield Baptist Chapel, Town Street, Duffield (Building)
Monument Type MDR12886 Former Baptist Chapel, Highfield Road, Kilburn (Building)
Monument Type MDR12921 Former Baptist Chapel, South Street, Ilkeston (Building)
Monument Type MDR13047 Former Baptist Chapel, Ticknall Road, Hartshorne (Building)
Monument Type MDR10823 Former General Baptist Chapel, Main Street, Ticknall (Building)
Monument Type MDR11821 General Baptist Chapel (site of), Trent Lane, Weston Upon Trent (Monument)
Monument Type MDR11889 General Baptist Chapel, Hugh Lane, Bradwell (Building)
Monument Type MDR11804 General Baptist Chapel, Station Road, Long Eaton (Building)
Monument Type MDR12844 Heanor Baptist Church, Derby Road, Heanor (Building)
Monument Type MDR13094 Hill Street Baptist Church, Hill Street, Swadlincote (Building)
Monument Type MDR13023 Melbourne Baptist Church, Chapel Street, Melbourne (Building)
Monument Type MDR12920 Queen Street Baptist Church, Queen Street, Ilkeston (Building)