Thesaurus Term/Concept: OFFICE

Identifier 71359
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note A building or room where business, administrative or professional activities are conducted. Use specific type where known.

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Context Record
Monument Type MDR10720 124-126 Nun's Street, Derby (Building)
Monument Type MDR4661 Arched Footbridge and Mill Offices, Bridge Foot, Belper (Building)
Monument Type MDR23180 Building Southwest of Gate Hut, Former Butterley Works, Butterley Hill, Ripley (Listed Building)
Monument Type MDR16223 Church House, St Michael's Church Yard, Derby (Building)
Monument Type MDR9600 Cowhay (later Lea) Lead Works (site of), Lea (Monument)
Monument Type MDR11427 Former Davenport's Brewery offices, Church Street, New Normanton, Derby (Building)
Monument Type MDR10319 Former tramway offices, Victoria Street, Derby (Building)
Monument Type MDR10439 Gas works offices, Friar Gate, Derby (Building)
Monument Type MDR23098 Milldam Cottage, North of Queen Anne Public House, Great Hucklow (Building)
Monument Type MDR22974 No. 28 High Street East, Formerly Howard Town House, Glossop (Listed Building)
Monument Type MDR3833 Old Forge Farm and shaft, Broadmeadows Cottages, Harthill (Building)
Monument Type MDR10428 Probable Former Offices, Old Lane, Darley Abbey, Derby (Building)
Monument Type MDR15626 Public Health Board offices (site of), Chesterfield Road, Dronfield (Monument)
Monument Type MDR11692 Pyms Solicitors, Bridge Foot, Belper (Building)
Monument Type MDR11047 Sheepbridge Works Offices, Chesterfield (Building)