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Thesaurus Term/Concept: ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH

Identifier 71582
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note A place of worship for Roman Catholics.

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Instances/Examples (16)

Context Record
Monument Type MDR4061 All Saint's Catholic Church, Hassop (Building)
Monument Type MDR12259 All Saints' Roman Catholic Church, Church Street, Glossop (Listed Building)
Monument Type MDR12918 Church of Our Lady and St Thomas of Hereford, Regent Street, Ilkeston (Building)
Monument Type MDR13855 Church of St. Maksijmilian Kolbe, Gordon Road, Derby (Building)
Monument Type MDR11409 Church of the English Martyrs, London Rd, Alvaston, Derby (Building)
Monument Type MDR12282 Church of the Immaculate Conception, Long Lane, Broadbottom, Charlesworth (Building)
Monument Type MDR13396 Roman Catholic Chapel, Thanet Street, Clay Cross (Building)
Monument Type MDR13942 Roman Catholic Church of St. George and All Soldier Saints, Village Street, Normanton (Building)
Monument Type MDR12578 Roman Catholic Church, Belle Vue Road, Ashbourne (Building)
Monument Type MDR12365 St Anne's Roman Catholic Church, Terrace Road, Buxton (Building)
Monument Type MDR12221 St Charles' Roman Catholic Church, The Carriage Drive, Hadfield, Glossop (Building)
Monument Type MDR12631 St Joseph's Roman Catholic Church, Bank Road, Matlock Town (Building)
Monument Type MDR9750 St Mary's Roman Catholic Church, Bridge Gate/Arthur St, Derby (Building)
Monument Type MDR12296 St Mary's Roman Catholic Church, St Mary's Road, New Mills (Building)
Monument Type MDR12236 St Mary's Roman Catholic Church, Sumner Street, Glossop (Building)
Monument Type MDR4262 St Michael's Roman Catholic Church, Main Road, Hathersage (Building)