Thesaurus Term/Concept: ALMSHOUSE

Identifier 68709
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note A house devoted to the shelter of the poor and endowed by a benefactor for this use.

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Context Record
Monument Type MDR16351 Almshouse, 25, The Butts, Belper (Building)
Monument Type MDR14206 Almshouses (remains of), Longford Park, Longford (Monument)
Monument Type MDR13452 Almshouses (site of), Woodthorpe, Staveley (Monument)
Monument Type MDR3120 Almshouses, Bedehouse Lane, Cromford (Building)
Monument Type MDR4747 Almshouses, Morley Almshouses Lane, Morleymoor (Building)
Monument Type MDR843 Clergyman's Widows Almshouses, Church Street, Ashbourne (Building)
Monument Type MDR11381 Devonshire Almshouses (site of), Full St, Derby (Monument)
Monument Type MDR3441 Gell's Bedehouses, Church Yard, Wirksworth (Monument)
Monument Type MDR10480 Liversage Almshouses (site of), Liversage Place, Derby (Monument)
Monument Type MDR827 Okeover Almshouses, Mapleton (Building)
Monument Type MDR14950 Old Town Hall, Bakewell (Building)
Monument Type MDR821 Owfield's Almshouses, Church Street, Ashbourne (Building)
Monument Type MDR822 Pegg's Almshouses, Church Street, Ashbourne (Building)
Monument Type MDR2684 Sir John Port's Almshouses, Church Hill, Etwall (Building)
Monument Type MDR842 Spalden's Almshouses, School Lane, Ashbourne (Listed Building)
Monument Type MDR12294 St James' Church and almshouses, Spring Bank Road, New Mills (Building)
Monument Type MDR3555 St. John's Hospital (Almshouses), South Church Street, Bakewell (Building)
Monument Type MDR13263 Sudbury Almshouses, Park Road, Ilkeston (Building)
Monument Type MDR4522 Wilmot Almshouses (site of), Chaddesden, Derby (Monument)