Thesaurus Term/Concept: BUDDLE

Identifier 69252
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note A stone-lined pit or tank, sometimes circular, for concentrating ores by sedimentation.

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Context Record
Monument Type MDR3800 Bithoms Veins, Innocent Mines and Weet Sough, B5057, Winster (Monument)
Monument Type MDR3057 Bonsall Leys Lead Mines, Bonsall (Monument)
Monument Type MDR13989 Brown Edge, White Great Rake and Lickpenny Mines, Lickpenny Lane, Winster (Monument)
Monument Type MDR2106 Cackle Mackle and Stadford Hollow lead mines, Longstone Moor, Great Longstone (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7369 Cross Dale Head Mine with Mootlow, Cowslip and Robinwash Veins, Great Longstone (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8377 Drummers Venture Lead Mine, south of Winster Primary School, Winster (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7759 Gratton Dale lead mines, Gratton Dale, Elton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR2098 Great Longstone Rake, Seedlow Rake, White Rake, Wardlow Sough Vein, Great Longstone (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1863 High Rake and Washers Rake, Windmill, Little Hucklow (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8372 Horsebuttocks lead mine, Winster (Monument)
Monument Type MDR3143 Lea Close Sough, Snitterton Road, Snitterton, South Darley (Monument)
Monument Type MDR2149 Lees Rake and Burfoot Mines, Brushfield and Taddington (Monument)
Monument Type MDR13956 Little Brookhead Mine, Edge Road, Eyam (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8365 Longtor Mines, Winster Top, Winster (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1306 Magpie Mine, Ashford-in-the-Water (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8790 Maury Mine, Priestcliffe Lees, Taddington (Monument)
Monument Type MDR2380 Moorfurlong Lead Mine, north-east of Moorbrook View, Bradwell (Monument)
Monument Type MDR3866 Mount Pleasant Mine and Basrobin Sough, Wensley, South Daley (Monument)
Monument Type MDR3888 Northern Dale lead mines, Northern Dale, South Darley (Monument)
Monument Type MDR14035 Old Millclose Lead Mine, Red Lion Shaft, B5057, Wensley (Monument)
Monument Type MDR14023 Old Millclose Lead Mine-Hamber Grove (Sleeper) Shaft, Off the B5057, Wensley (Monument)
Monument Type MDR14027 Oxclose, Lee Wood, Lee Close, and Noon Nick Lead Mines, Off Bonsall Lane, Snitterton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR2283 Oxlow Rake, Castleton and Peak Forest (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7515 Pitts Mine, south of Winster Primary School, Winster (Monument)
Monument Type MDR14017 Placket Lead Mines (north-west), off Birchover Lane, Winster (Monument)
Monument Type MDR6892 Rainslow Scrins, 470m south-west of Leadmines Farm, Elton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR566 Rake Vein, also known as Gautries Vein, Gautries Hill, Peak Forest (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8634 Slack, Mount Pleasant and Barmasters Grove mines and rake, 390m south east of Blakelow Farm, Bonsall (Monument)
Monument Type MDR9625 Speedwell Mine, Upperwood, Matlock Bath (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8423 Tearsall Pasture lead mines, Wensley, South Daley (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1746 Tideslow Rake/White Rake, south of Tideslow Farm, off Forest Lane, Tideswell (Scheduled Monument)
Monument Type MDR1300 True Blue Mine Nucleated Lead Mine, Ashford (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8374 Winster Sough and Placket Lead Mine (south-east), Water Lane, Winster (Monument)