Thesaurus Term/Concept: GATE

Identifier 70371
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note A movable stucture which enables or prevents entrance to be gained. Usually situated in a wall or similar barrier and supported by gate posts.

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Context Record
Monument Type MDR10519 Bodens Pleasance, Bold Lane, Derby (Monument)
Monument Type MDR3537 Boundary Walls, Bagshaw Hall, Bakewell (Monument)
Monument Type MDR11454 Brook Street Chapel, Derby (Monument)
Monument Type MDR16000 Building 51, Milford Dyehouse, Derby Road (A6), Milford, Belper (Building)
Monument Type MDR9859 Canalside Gate, Cromford Canal Wharf, Cromford (Monument)
Monument Type MDR819 Churchyard surrounding the Church of St Oswald, Ashbourne (Monument)
Monument Type MDR16232 Churchyard Wall & Gate Piers of St Giles Church, Church Street, Matlock Town (Building)
Monument Type MDR16423 Churchyard walls, piers and gates at Church of St Peter, Church Lane/Chesterfield Road, Belper (Building)
Monument Type MDR14787 Concrete gateposts and metal gate, Thornhill Trail (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7715 Entrance gates and wall, Snelston Hall, Snelston (Building)
Monument Type MDR9141 Friden level-crossing (site of): Cromford & High Peak Railway, Hartington Nether Quarter (Monument)
Monument Type MDR22924 Garden Wall, Piers and Gates to Spalden's Almshouses, School Lane, Ashbourne (Listed Building)
Monument Type MDR16101 Gate Piers & Gates to Alderwasley Hall, north of The Old Vicarage, Higg Lane, Alderwasley (Building)
Monument Type MDR16350 Gate piers & gates, Christ Church N & S entrances, Bridge Street, Belper (Building)
Monument Type MDR16262 Gate piers and gates of Willersley Castle, Willersley Lane, Cromford (Building)
Monument Type MDR23132 Gate, Walls and Ha-ha, All Saints' Church Churchyard, Church Lane, Mackworth (Listed Building)
Monument Type MDR14681 Gate-piers and gate, South East Garden, Barlborough Hall (Monument)
Monument Type MDR14679 Gate-piers and gate, West Garden, Barlborough Hall (Monument)
Monument Type MDR14680 Gate-piers and gates, North Garden, Barlborough Hall (Monument)
Monument Type MDR12198 Gates and railings to former church, Ashbourne Road, Derby (Monument)
Monument Type MDR22923 Gates to the Laurels, Belle Vue Road, Ashbourne (Listed Building)
Monument Type MDR4550 Gateways, Spondon School, Park Road, Derby (Monument)
Monument Type MDR16008 Graveyard, walls & gate at Unitarian Chapel, Field Row, Belper (Building)
Monument Type MDR11459 Hartington Street, Derby (Building)
Monument Type MDR15077 Hartshay House ornamental garden features, Morley Park, Heage (Building)
Monument Type MDR4243 Highlow Hall and Associated Buildings (Building)
Monument Type MDR14001 Iron Gate, Cathedral Road, Derby (Monument)
Monument Type MDR22975 Nos. 1 and 7 Victoria Stree, Glossop (Listed Building)
Monument Type MDR13176 Ornamental gates, Chestnut Avenue, Mickleover, Derby (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4554 Pair of Gates, Lombe's Silk Mill, now Derby Industrial Museum, Derby (Monument)
Monument Type MDR15999 Railed street boundary wall & piers, Holy Trinity Churchyard, Derby Road, Milford (Building)
Monument Type MDR16033 Railed wall (with steps, piers and arch), Herbert Strutt School, Derby Rd, Belper (Building)
Monument Type MDR10889 Risley Lodge, Risley (Building)
Monument Type MDR5412 Roman remains, Old Vicarage Garden, Chesterfield (Monument)
Monument Type MDR16063 Stable range & carriageway entrance dividing East & West Farmyards, Dalley Farm, Ashbourne Road (A517) (Building)
Monument Type MDR16149 Two sets of gate piers, a small gate and garden walls at Nos 112 and 114, March Lane, Belper (Building)
Monument Type MDR7717 Wall and gate adjacent to Ashbourne Lodge, Parkfield Lane, Snelston (Building)
Monument Type MDR16151 Western boundary wall, gate and end piers at entrance to Belper Cemetary, Matlock Road, Belper (Building)
Monument Type MDR10275 Wrought Iron Gates, All Saints Cathedral, Derby (Monument)