Thesaurus Term/Concept: MISSION CHURCH

Identifier 71622
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note A church established by a religious community to propogate its faith.

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Context Record
Monument Type MDR13065 All Saints' Church, Station Road, Hatton (Building)
Monument Type MDR12261 Elim Church, Ellison Street, Glossop (Building)
Monument Type MDR12953 Former Anglican Church, Park Road, Ilkeston (Building)
Monument Type MDR13006 Former Church, St John's Street, Long Eaton (Building)
Monument Type MDR12716 Former Mission Church, Coach Road, Golden Valley (Building)
Monument Type MDR12666 Former Mission Room and Infant School, Whaley Road, Whaley, Old Bolsover (Building)
Monument Type MDR12770 Former Mission Room, Shop Lane, Nether Heage (Building)
Monument Type MDR12367 Mission Church (site of), Dale Road, Buxton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR12877 Mission Church (site of), Elnor Street, Langley Mill (Monument)
Monument Type MDR12868 Mission Church (site of), Ilkeston Road, Marlpool (Monument)
Monument Type MDR12881 Mission Church (site of), off Boat Lane, Stoneyford (Monument)
Monument Type MDR13726 Mission Hall, Chapel Street, Long Eaton (Building)
Monument Type MDR13424 Primitive Methodist Chapel, Top Lane, Wadshelf, Brampton (Building)
Monument Type MDR12774 Shottle Church, Lambhouse Lane, Lambhouse (Building)
Monument Type MDR12272 St Andrew's Mission and worker's cottages (site of), Lees Street, Wooley Bridge, Hadfield (Monument)
Monument Type MDR13463 St Barnabas's Church, Albert Road, New Whittington (Building)
Monument Type MDR12381 St Hugh's Church, Bradshaw Lane, Foolow (Building)
Monument Type MDR13490 St James's Mission Church (site of), Vicar Lane, Chesterfield (Monument)
Monument Type MDR12383 St Johns' Church, Bottomhill Road, Cressbrook (Building)
Monument Type MDR13401 St John's Mission Church, Queen Victoria Road, Tupton (Building)
Monument Type MDR13479 St Leonard Mission Church, Valley Road, Spital, Chesterfield (Building)
Monument Type MDR13444 St Mary's Church (Site of), South Moor Road, Brimington Common (Monument)
Monument Type MDR12366 St Mary's Church, Dale Road, Buxton (Building)
Monument Type MDR12482 St Mary's Mission Church, Ripley Road, Sawmills, Ripley (Building)
Monument Type MDR10473 St Peter's Church, Brighton Road, Derby (Building)
Monument Type MDR13440 St Peter's Church, Cotton Mill Hill, Holymoorside, Holymoorside and Walton (Building)
Monument Type MDR13381 St Peter's Church, High Street, Stonebroom, Shirland and Higham (Building)
Monument Type MDR15101 St Saviour's Church (also known as 'the Tin Tabernacle') (site of), Westhouses (Monument)
Monument Type MDR13468 St. Simon & St. Jude's Church (Mission) (Site of), Sheffield Road, Sheepbridge (Monument)
Monument Type MDR12751 The Henry Wright Memorial Mission Room (site of), Albion Street, Nuttals Park (Monument)