Thesaurus Term/Concept: PIT ALIGNMENT

Identifier 70399
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note A single line, or pair of roughly parallel lines, of pits set at intervals along a common axis or series of axes. The pits are not thought to have held posts.

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Context Record
Monument Type MDR22915 Circular Enclosure or Possible Burial Mound, and Pit Alignment, Southwest of Scropton, Foston and Scropton (Site)
Monument Type MDR4366 Cropmark 100m west of Merry Bower Farm, Twyford and Stenson (Monument)
Monument Type MDR6925 Cropmark complex (site of), Hicken's Bridge, Aston upon Trent (Monument)
Monument Type MDR5437 Cropmark complex, Aston upon Trent (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4393 Cropmark Complex, Barrow Lane, Swarkestone (Monument)
Monument Type MDR14419 Cropmark features (site of), north of Draycott Road, Sawley (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8011 Cropmark features 500m west of Marston on Dove. (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4365 Cropmark west of Parsonage House, Barrow upon Trent (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4322 Cropmarks 300m north of Poplars Farm, Barrow upon Trent (Monument)
Monument Type MDR2513 Cropmarks and artefact scatter, c 400m west of Warren Hill, Walton upon Trent (Monument)
Monument Type MDR5611 Cropmarks and ridge and furrow, south of Aston Lane, Shardlow (Monument)
Monument Type MDR2584 Cropmarks east of Dale Farm, Willington (Monument)
Monument Type MDR799 Cropmarks east of Lemon's Holme, Foston And Scropton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4353 Cropmarks north of Buckford Lane, Findern (Monument)
Monument Type MDR5609 Cropmarks north of Shardlow (Monument)
Monument Type MDR5610 Cropmarks north of Shardlow (Monument)
Monument Type MDR5436 Cropmarks north-east of Weston-on-Trent (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7873 Cropmarks south of Aston-on-Trent, Weston upon Trent (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4326 Cropmarks south-east of Stenson Farm, Stenson (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4321 Cropmarks, East of Merry Bower Farm, Barrow upon Trent (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4313 Cropmarks, north of Old Hall Farm, Twyford and Stenson (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4320 Cropmarks, west of The Grange, Barrow upon Trent (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4299 Double ring ditch, pit alignment and enclosures 400m south-west of The Grange (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7698 Double-ditched enclosure & pit alignment, Willington (Monument)
Monument Type MDR10554 Iron Age pit alignment, Pastures Hill, Littleover, Derby (Monument)
Monument Type MDR11375 Iron Age pit alignment, Racecourse Park, Derby (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4319 Iron Age settlement site, pit alignment and droveway, west of Green Lane, Barrow Upon Trent (Site)
Monument Type MDR14504 Late Prehistoric Pit Alignment, Northwest of Mercia Marina, Willington (Site)
Monument Type MDR4400 Linear Pit Alignment and Other Features, East of Old Hall Farm, Swarkestone (Site)
Monument Type MDR11351 Mid-Late Iron Age occupation site and earlier features, Aston Hall Hospital, Weston-on-Trent (Monument)
Monument Type MDR14479 Pit alignment and ditch, Twyford and Stenson (Monument)
Monument Type MDR14484 Pit alignment, east of Twyford (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4330 Pit alignment, north of Stenson West Farm, Twyford & Stenson (Monument)
Monument Type MDR22986 Pit Alignment, North of Thurston Fields Farm, Elvaston (Site)
Monument Type MDR14478 Pit alignment, south-east of Poplars Farm, Twyford and Stenson (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4311 Pit alignments, northeast of Power Station (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7223 Possible pit alignment south of Woodside Farm, Ticknall (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4392 Possible Pit Alignment, Linear Feature and Rectangular Enclosure, Chellaston Hill, Swarkestone (Site)
Monument Type MDR22956 Probable Iron Age Pit Alignment, Swarkestone Fields, Swarkestone (Site)
Monument Type MDR7774 Ridge and furrow, enclosure and pit alignment, Aston Hill, Aston-on-Trent (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4378 Swarkestone Lowes Barrow Cemetery and Field System (Scheduled Monument)
Monument Type MDR7697 Trackway and pit alignment (site of), Sealey Close, Willington (Monument)