Thesaurus Term/Concept: HOUSE PLATFORM

Identifier 68951
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note An area of ground on which a house is built. A platform is often the sole surviving evidence for a house.

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Context Record
Monument Type MDR1400 ?Medieval shrunken village, 30m west of Devonshire View Farm, Sheldon (Monument)
Monument Type MDR2420 ?Platform, Spring House, Hope (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1454 ?Shrunken Village, Pilsbury, Hartington Town Quarter (Monument)
Monument Type MDR609 Arnfield deserted medieval village, Tintwistle Low Moor, Tintwistle (Site)
Monument Type MDR1984 Building Platform, 528m south of Wind Low barrow, Wormhill (Monument)
Monument Type MDR3907 Cairnfield, Eyam Moor (Monument)
Monument Type MDR2629 Chapel Lane, House platforms (Monument)
Monument Type MDR14976 Deserted medieval settlement (approximate site of), Oakwood, Derby (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8463 Earthwork building platforms, Carsington village (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8038 Earthwork complex, Brizlincote Hall Farm, Bretby (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7825 Earthwork hollow way, field boundary and house platform, Carr Lane, Riber, Matlock Town (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7665 Earthworks associated with a medieval village, Church Lane, Mugginton (Scheduled Monument)
Monument Type MDR5052 Earthworks south of Manor House Farm, Hasland (Monument)
Monument Type MDR3616 Earthworks, 82m south-east of Meadow Place Grange, Youlgreave (Monument)
Monument Type MDR2636 Earthworks, Pool's Close, Kirk Langley (Monument)
Monument Type MDR2641 Earthworks, The Croft, Kirk Langley (Monument)
Monument Type MDR12796 Embanked enclosure, The Green, Aldwark (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1467 Field System and house platforms, Banktop, Hartington Town Quarter (Monument)
Monument Type MDR5630 Gardens and Park, Elvaston Castle (Site)
Monument Type MDR3233 House platforms and ridge and furrow, Brackendale Lane, Bradbourne (Site)
Monument Type MDR13134 House platforms, Main Street, Chelmorton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4489 House platforms, possibly a shrunken village, All Saints Church, Mackworth. (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7017 Kniveton Shrunken Village, east of the Old Hall, Kniveton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7019 Kniveton Shrunken Village, southwest of St Michael's Church, Kniveton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR3330 Kniveton Shrunken Village, St James farm, Kniveton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR2626 Lower Thurvaston: Medieval Settlement and Open Field System (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4456 Mackworth Castle (remains of), Ashbourne Road, Mackworth (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4463 Mackworth medieval settlement and associated earthworks, Mackworth (Site)
Monument Type MDR22833 Medieval Stone Building, House Platflorms and Ditches, West of No. 124 Repton Road, Hartshorne (Site)
Monument Type MDR5170 Moated Site, Holmesfield (Monument)
Monument Type MDR3533 Moor Hall (site of), Burton Moor, Bakewell (Monument)
Monument Type MDR3784 Occupation site, north of Cratcliffe Rocks, Harthill (Monument)
Monument Type MDR2263 Possible building platform, Mam House Farm, Castleton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR5161 Possible deserted settlement, Brassington Lane, Egstow, Tupton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8553 Possible house platform (Monument)
Monument Type MDR5794 Possible house platforms and linear earthworks, West Hallam (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8552 Possible house platforms/s (Monument)
Monument Type MDR15388 Possible medieval settlement earthworks, Eaton Dovedale Farm, Doveridge (Monument)
Monument Type MDR11638 Possible Romano-British settlement, Deep Dale Head, Sheldon/Taddington (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1964 Possible Romano-British settlement, Monksdale Lane, Tideswell (Monument)
Monument Type MDR3825 Possible Romano-British settlements, Thieves Den and Carrs Wood, Harthill (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7794 Ridge and furrow and house platforms, Daniel Hayes Farm, Smisby (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8101 Ridge and furrow and other earthworks north of Uttoxeter Road, Foston (Monument)
Monument Type MDR923 Romano-British settlement, Pennilow, Hartington Town Quarter (Monument)
Monument Type MDR6638 Settlement and field system, northeast of Toothill Farm, Hathersage (Monument)
Monument Type MDR2716 Shrunken medieval village (remains of), Hulland (Site)
Monument Type MDR4403 Shrunken Medieval Village, King's Newton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR877 Shrunken medieval village, Norbury, Norbury and Roston (Monument)
Monument Type MDR3312 Shrunken medieval village, St James Lane Farm, Kniveton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4269 'The Warren' Romano-British Settlement, North Lees, Outseats (Monument)
Monument Type MDR2630 Thurvaston, House Platforms (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4284 'Tournament Field', Smisby (Monument)