Thesaurus Term/Concept: POTTERY WORKS

Identifier 69093
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note A complex of buildings used for the manufacture of pottery.

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Context Record
Monument Type MDR11178 Alma Pottery (site of), Brampton, Chesterfield (Monument)
Monument Type MDR10610 Barker Pottery (site of), Barker Lane, Brampton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR11180 Beehive Pottery (site of), Brampton, Chesterfield (Monument)
Monument Type MDR9601 Bourne's Pottery Works, Derby Road, Denby (Monument)
Monument Type MDR9634 Bourne's Stone Bottle Factory, Ironville (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4423 Brick Yard and Clay Pit (site of), King's Newton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR5790 Brickworks, later Peak Pottery, West Hallam (Monument)
Monument Type MDR11179 Brunswick Pottery (site of), Brampton, Chesterfield (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7793 Campbell's Mill / St George's Works, St. George's Street, New Mills (Building)
Monument Type MDR11654 Early 18th century pottery works (site of), White Hollows, Ticknall (Monument)
Monument Type MDR10903 Early postmedieval pottery (site of), east side of High Street, Ticknall (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7978 Earthenware works / pottery works (site of), Woodville (Monument)
Monument Type MDR11121 Eastmoor Pottery (site of), Pottery Row, Brampton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR5841 Former pottery, Wood Street, Ilkeston (Monument)
Monument Type MDR22830 Former Showroom of Bretby Art Pottery, Swadlincote Road, Swadlincote (Listed Building)
Monument Type MDR7937 Former T G Green's Pottery, Church Gresley (Building)
Monument Type MDR7968 Hartshorn Potteries (site of), Woodville (Monument)
Monument Type MDR6983 Hearthcote Pottery (site of), Hearthcote Road, Swadlincote (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7935 Hilltop Pottery Works, Pool Street, Swadlincote (Building)
Monument Type MDR5850 Ilkeston Potteries and Ilkeston Laundry (site of), Awsworth Road, Ilkeston (Monument)
Monument Type MDR12420 Langley Mill Pottery (site of), Station Road, Langley Mill (Monument)
Monument Type MDR10867 Late medieval/early post-medieval pottery (site of), Peat's Close, Ticknall (Monument)
Monument Type MDR11211 Newold Pottery (site of), Whittington (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7965 Nos. 114-118 High Street, Woodville (Listed Building)
Monument Type MDR7219 Old Midway Pottery (site of), Burton Road, Swadlincote (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7904 Pearson's Pottery, Pottery Lane, Chesterfield (Monument)
Monument Type MDR11652 Possible site of pottery works, Staunton Lane, Ticknall (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7976 Post medieval brick yard, Woodville (Monument)
Monument Type MDR11659 Post-medieval pottery (possible site of), nr Calke Mill, Melbourne (Monument)
Monument Type MDR11616 Post-medieval pottery (site of), Hazard Hill, Ticknall (Monument)
Monument Type MDR11615 Post-medieval pottery (site of), Melbourne Lane, Ticknall (Monument)
Monument Type MDR11618 Post-medieval pottery (site of), opposite Top Farm, Ashby Road, Ticknall (Monument)
Monument Type MDR11617 Post-medieval pottery (site of), south of Hazard Hill, Ashby Road, Ticknall (Monument)
Monument Type MDR11658 Post-medieval pottery works (site of), Heath End, Calke (Monument)
Monument Type MDR11653 Post-medieval pottery works (site of), Staunton Lane End, Ticknall (Monument)
Monument Type MDR11614 Post-medieval pottery works (site of), the Limeyards, Ticknall (Monument)
Monument Type MDR11656 Post-medieval pottery works, The Scaddows, Ticknall (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7973 Pottery (site of), Chapel Street, Woodville (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7958 Pottery (site of), Park Road, Swadlincote (Monument)
Monument Type MDR5381 Pottery (site of), Sheffield Road, Chesterfield (Monument)
Monument Type MDR6190 Pottery and clay pipe factory, Hockley, Old Bolsover (Monument)
Monument Type MDR11657 Pottery kiln (approximate site of), Coal Lane, Ticknall (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7172 Pottery Works (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7171 Pottery Works (site of), Ashby Road, Ticknall (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7173 Pottery works (site of), Burton Road, Midway, Swadlincote (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7858 Pottery works (site of), High Street, Woodville (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7984 Pottery works (site of), High Street, Woodville (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4450 Pottery Works (site of), Melbourne (Monument)
Monument Type MDR11655 Pottery works (site of), Standley's Barn, White Hollows, Ticknall (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4565 Pottery Works, Cockpit Hill, Derby (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7971 Pottery Works, Woodville (Monument)
Monument Type MDR10611 Probable site of pottery, Marsh View, Eckington (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7955 Rosehill Pottery (site of), Swadlincote (Monument)
Monument Type MDR11621 Sharpe's North Pottery Works (site of), West Street, Swadlincote (Monument)
Monument Type MDR23221 Site of Bretby Art Pottery (Site)
Monument Type MDR14323 The Old Pottery, Abbott Street, Heanor (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7974 Victoria Pottery (site of), Chapel Street, Woodville (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4907 Wessington, medieval pottery Manufacture (site of) (Monument)
Monument Type MDR10159 Whittington Moor Pottery (site of), Whittington (Monument)