Thesaurus Term/Concept: LINEAR FEATURE

Identifier 70378
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note A length of straight, curved or angled earthwork or cropmark of uncertain date or function.

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Context Record
Monument Type MDR6929 Aston Cursus Complex, Aston Moor (Monument)
Monument Type MDR6506 Camp Hill, Elmton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4366 Cropmark 100m west of Merry Bower Farm, Twyford and Stenson (Monument)
Monument Type MDR11176 Cropmark c. 350m north-east of Brookhill Hall, Pinxton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR6925 Cropmark complex (site of), Hicken's Bridge, Aston upon Trent (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8078 Cropmark complex between Foston and Hatton. (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7779 Cropmark complex south of Ivy House Farm, Wilne Lane, Breaston (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4393 Cropmark Complex, Barrow Lane, Swarkestone (Monument)
Monument Type MDR5638 Cropmark enclosures, Sawley (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8080 Cropmark features 500m north of Hoonhay, Hoon (Monument)
Monument Type MDR5619 Cropmark features and ridge and furrow, south of Coronation Plantation, Elvaston (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8079 Cropmark features north of Holly Bank Farm, Scropton Road, Foston (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7360 Cropmark features to the west of Weston-on-Trent (Monument)
Monument Type MDR2689 Cropmark features, Hargate Fields Farm, Hilton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7190 Cropmark features, Ladyfields Plantation, Hartshorne (Monument)
Monument Type MDR5666 Cropmark features, Risley Lane, Breaston (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7120 Cropmark features, Walton Lane Farm, Walton on Trent (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8076 Cropmark linear features, Sawley (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7307 Cropmark Site (Monument)
Monument Type MDR5651 Cropmark site, Breaston (Monument)
Monument Type MDR5656 Cropmark site, Trent College, Long Eaton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4351 Cropmark, north of Willington Road, Findern (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4327 Cropmarks 200m NNE of Ivy Cottage, Twyford (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4322 Cropmarks 300m north of Poplars Farm, Barrow upon Trent (Monument)
Monument Type MDR10204 Cropmarks and artefact scatter north of Camp Hill, Elmton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7096 Cropmarks and artefact scatter, Catton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4594 Cropmarks and artefact scatter, Stenson Farm, Twyford and Stenson (Monument)
Monument Type MDR2584 Cropmarks east of Dale Farm, Willington (Monument)
Monument Type MDR5610 Cropmarks north of Shardlow (Monument)
Monument Type MDR2514 Cropmarks north-west of Warren Barn, Walton on Trent (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7873 Cropmarks south of Aston-on-Trent, Weston upon Trent (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8102 Cropmarks south of Maidensley Farm, Foston. (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4329 Cropmarks south of Willington Road, Willington Junction (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4326 Cropmarks south-east of Stenson Farm, Stenson (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8068 Cropmarks to the south of the Trent & Mersey Canal, Weston-upon-Trent (Monument)
Monument Type MDR753 Cropmarks west of Cubley Carr, Cubley (Monument)
Monument Type MDR2613 Cropmarks, Bretby Park, Bretby (Monument)
Monument Type MDR5979 Cropmarks, east of Heath (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4321 Cropmarks, East of Merry Bower Farm, Barrow upon Trent (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8107 Cropmarks, enclosure features, Sudbury. (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7691 Cropmarks, Etwall Road, Willington (Monument)
Monument Type MDR2679 Cropmarks, Foston and Scropton/Church Broughton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR2512 Cropmarks, north of Manor Farm, Walton-on-Trent (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4363 Cropmarks, north-east of Old Hall Farm, Barrow upon Trent (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8057 Cropmarks, Sawley (Monument)
Monument Type MDR5945 Cropmarks, south of Birkin Lane, Temple Normanton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR5658 Cropmarks, south of Trent Lane, Long Eaton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4506 Cropmarks, south of Vicar Wood, Mackworth (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7750 Cropmarks, south of Wilne Lane, Breaston (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4318 Cropmarks, south-west of Poplars Farm, Twyford and Stenson (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7140 Cropmarks, The Mere (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4357 Cropmarks, west of Ingleby (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4320 Cropmarks, west of The Grange, Barrow upon Trent (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8082 Curvilinear cropmark, Marston on Dove. (Monument)
Monument Type MDR773 Earthwork features, Little Cubley (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7359 Earthwork features, Swarkestone Stop, Swarkestone (Monument)
Monument Type MDR6533 Earthwork, Whaley Hall, Elmton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR5629 Earthworks North East of Weigh Cottage: Aston Cursus Complex - cropmarks (Monument)
Monument Type MDR2540 Flint scatter and linear cropmarks. (Monument)
Monument Type MDR3453 Hollow way, north of Barley Hill, Alton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR9079 Linear cropmark feature (ridge and furrow), Marston-on-Dove (Monument)
Monument Type MDR5238 Linear cropmark, Unstone (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4328 Linear cropmarks south-east of Stenson (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7125 Linear cropmarks, Walton Road, Drakelow (Monument)
Monument Type MDR14096 Linear earthwork, southeast of Watford Wood, Buxton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR14102 Linear earthwork, Watford Moor, Buxton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8118 Linear feature, Draycott. (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1064 Linear feature, Hawkslow Farm, Parwich (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4974 Linear feature, Laburnum Farm, Pentrich (Monument)
Monument Type MDR5289 Linear feature, north of Coal Aston, Dronfield (Monument)
Monument Type MDR22980 Linear Features and Pit, off Dunston Lane, Chesterfield (Site)
Monument Type MDR12426 Linear features, Fox Green Recreation Ground, Creswell (Monument)
Monument Type MDR2559 Linear Features, Possible Trackway (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4333 Neolithic and Bronze Age features, Hill Farm, Willington (Site)
Monument Type MDR8103 Parallel linear feature to the south-west of Maidensley Farm, Sudbury (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4330 Pit alignment, north of Stenson West Farm, Twyford & Stenson (Monument)
Monument Type MDR10294 Possible enclosures, Warren Hill, Walton-on-Trent (Monument)
Monument Type MDR3452 Possible moated site east of Milepost Plantation, Alton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4392 Possible Pit Alignment, Linear Feature and Rectangular Enclosure, Chellaston Hill, Swarkestone (Site)
Monument Type MDR23196 Possible timber structure (Site)
Monument Type MDR23017 Post Medieval Pits and Linear Features, Dale View Quarry, Lees Road, Stanton (Site)
Monument Type MDR5799 Rectangular enclosures, northwest of Hayes Park Farm, Moses Lane, Morley (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8117 Rectilinear cropmark features, Norbury, Norbury and Roston (Monument)
Monument Type MDR5592 Ridge and furrow or linear cropmark feature, Ambaston Lane, Elvaston (Monument)
Monument Type MDR5615 Ridge and furrow, west of Ambaston Lane, Shardlow (Monument)
Monument Type MDR801 Ring ditch and other features, Foston and Scropton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR800 Ring ditches, a cremation burial and linear features, west of HM Detention Centre, Foston (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7367 Road, Railway Plantation, Great Longstone and Rowland (Monument)
Monument Type MDR2590 Undated cropmark features, Parsons Hills, Repton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR22978 Various Features, Willington Quarry, Eggington (Site)
Monument Type MDR7696 Willington: AP Cropmarks of Field Boundaries and linear features (Monument)