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Thesaurus Term/Concept: DRAINAGE LEVEL

Identifier 69099
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note A horizontal tunnel dug specifically for draining, for example, a mine.

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Context Record
Monument Type MDR10142 Allenhill (Allen Hill) Spa Well, Dimple Road, Matlock Town (Monument)
Monument Type MDR2153 Arbourseats Veins and Sough and Nay Green Mine, Tansley Dale, Wardlow and Litton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR3091 Arkwright Water System including Long Sough Entrance and tail, Cromford (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8440 Barobin sough, Wensley, South Darley (Monument)
Monument Type MDR3844 Black Sough Marker and Sough, Stantonhall Lane, Stanton in Peak (Monument)
Monument Type MDR14009 Bower Rake Goit, B5056, Stanton in the Peak (Monument)
Monument Type MDR14699 Brightside Sough, Main Street, Calver (Monument)
Monument Type MDR3976 Brightside Sough, Main Street, Calver (Monument)
Monument Type MDR14012 Bullestree Sough, Lea Road, Cromford (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4128 Calver Mill Sough, south of Riverside Drive, Calver (Monument)
Monument Type MDR3131 Carhill Level (Cromford Count Level), Matlock Bath (Monument)
Monument Type MDR14004 Co-op Sough, Brookside, Bradwell (Monument)
Monument Type MDR3830 Cowclose Mine, 140m north-west of Leadmines Farm, Elton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7512 Engine Sough and associated nucleated lead mine, Castleton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR14166 Fritchley Sough, Kirkham Lane, Fritchley, Crich (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8711 Goyt Moss Colliery, Goyt's Moss, Hartington Upper Quarter (Site)
Monument Type MDR7759 Gratton Dale lead mines, Gratton Dale, Elton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR3834 Greenfields shaft and survey post, south-east of Lower Greenfields Farm, Harthill (Monument)
Monument Type MDR3148 Groaning Tor Mine, Groaning Tor, Middleton Wood (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8794 Hardyhead / Whain soughs, 339m south of The Waterloo Inn, Taddington (Monument)
Monument Type MDR14754 Hill Carr Sough Tail, Stoney Ley Wood, Stanton in Peak (Monument)
Monument Type MDR3880 Hillcarr Sough and Associated Limekiln, Hillcarr Wood (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1250 Hillock Mine, Lead Mining, Monyash (Monument)
Monument Type MDR2300 Hollandtwine Mine (site of), Dirtlow Rake, Castleton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR6613 Hubberdale Mine, Taddington Moor, Flagg (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1301 Lathkill Dale and Mandale Mines, Lathkill Dale, Youlgreave and Over Haddon (Monument)
Monument Type MDR3612 Lathkill Sough Tail, Lathkill Dale, Over Haddon (Monument)
Monument Type MDR3143 Lea Close Sough, Snitterton Road, Snitterton, South Darley (Monument)
Monument Type MDR11863 Lead Mining Remains, Slinter Wood, Cromford (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1249 Lead mining, Knotlow Mine (aka Whale Mine - Crimbo Pipe), Monyash (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8772 Lead mining, Lathkill Dale, Youlgreave (Monument)
Monument Type MDR6364 Little Matlock Dam (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1306 Magpie Mine, Ashford-in-the-Water (Monument)
Monument Type MDR14753 Mandale Sough, Mandale Mines, Over Haddon (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1407 Mandale Sough, Over Haddon (Monument)
Monument Type MDR14011 Masson Farm Level Lead Mine, St John's Road, Matlock Dale, Matlock Town (Monument)
Monument Type MDR14024 Masson Sough, Old Jants Lead Mine and Gentlewoman's Pipe (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8789 Maury Rake, Priestcliffe Lees, Taddington (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4844 Meerbrook Sough Portal, Lea Shaw, Wirksworth (Monument)
Monument Type MDR14019 Millclose Sough, Oldfield Lane, Darley Bridge (Monument)
Monument Type MDR14021 Millclose Sough-Air Shaft, Clough Lane, Wensley (Monument)
Monument Type MDR14020 Millclose Sough-Valley Shaft, Clough Lane, Wensley (Monument)
Monument Type MDR3866 Mount Pleasant Mine and Basrobin Sough, Wensley, South Daley (Monument)
Monument Type MDR3888 Northern Dale lead mines, Northern Dale, South Darley (Monument)
Monument Type MDR13916 Oden Sough, Millbridge, Castleton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR2228 Odin Mine, Castleton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR14086 Odin Mine, Knowlesgate and Engine Soughs and Blue John Mine, Mam Tor, Castleton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1885 Old Grove Sough, Bradshaw Lane, Foolow (Monument)
Monument Type MDR3886 Old Mill Close mines, Cambridge Woods, South Darley (Monument)
Monument Type MDR2302 Old Tor Mine, Castleton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR13079 Orchard Sough and Sough Tail, Snitterton, South Darley (Monument)
Monument Type MDR3132 Owlett Hole Mine and Victoria Cavern, Upperwood, Matlock Bath (Monument)
Monument Type MDR3169 Oxclose lead mine, Snitterton Road, Snitterton, South Darley (Monument)
Monument Type MDR9636 Oxclose Sough and Sough Tail, Matlock, Matlock Town and South Darley (Monument)
Monument Type MDR14027 Oxclose, Lee Wood, Lee Close, and Noon Nick Lead Mines, Off Bonsall Lane, Snitterton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR2294 Peakshill or Oden Sough, Peakshill Farm, Castleton and Peak Forest (Monument)
Monument Type MDR2301 Peakshole Sough, Goosehill Hall, Castleton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR2439 Pic Tor End Sough, east of Berrystall House, Hazlebadge (Monument)
Monument Type MDR14008 Rainster Sough, B5056, Stanton in Peak (Monument)
Monument Type MDR3831 Rath Rake Sough, 200m south-south-west of Gratton Dale Farm, Elton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR14900 Shaft pits and soughs, Barbrook Moor (Monument)
Monument Type MDR15234 Shaft/Wasteheap/Sough, North of Pindale Road, Castleton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8776 Sideway Mine and Rake, Youlgreave (Monument)
Monument Type MDR3104 Slaley Sough, Bonsall (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1411 Smallpenny Vein sough level, Lathkill Dale, Over Haddon (Monument)
Monument Type MDR9034 Sough Farm, Stanley (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1397 Sough Tail, Magpie Mine, Sheldon (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8527 Stanton Old Mill, Lead smelter (Monument)
Monument Type MDR14010 Stanton Sough, Wye Farm, Stanton in the Peak and Rowsley (Monument)
Monument Type MDR6762 Stoke Sough, New Road and Main Road, Stoke (Monument)
Monument Type MDR14014 Watergrove Sough, Middleton Dale, Eyam (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1418 Whale Lead Sough, Deepdale, Sheldon (Monument)
Monument Type MDR6614 Whale Sough, White Rake, Flagg (Monument)
Monument Type MDR3835 Wheels Rake wheel house and Shining Sough drainage level, Harthill Hall, River Lathkill, Harthill (Monument)
Monument Type MDR6943 White Rake Mine (west), including part of Wardlow Sough, west of Butts Farm, Wardlow (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8374 Winster Sough and Placket Lead Mine (south-east), Water Lane, Winster (Monument)
Monument Type MDR3832 Wrathe Sough, 570m south-south-west of Gratton dale Farm, Elton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR3881 Yatestoop Sough, Darley Bridge, South Daley and Stanton (Monument)