Thesaurus Term/Concept: DESERTED SETTLEMENT

Identifier 97280
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note An abandoned settlement, usually of the Medieval period, often visible only as earthworks or on aerial photographs.

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Context Record
Monument Type MDR3074 ?Deserted medieval village site, Bonsall (Monument)
Monument Type MDR738 Alkmonton: deserted medieval village (Monument)
Monument Type MDR5094 Alleged deserted medieval village, Eddlestow, Ashover (Monument)
Monument Type MDR609 Arnfield deserted medieval village, Tintwistle Low Moor, Tintwistle (Site)
Monument Type MDR8093 Bipartite rectilinear enclosure, Arleston House Farm, Barrow-on-Trent (Monument)
Monument Type MDR6080 Blingsby deserted medieval village (site of), Hardwick Park (Monument)
Monument Type MDR2616 Bupton deserted medieval village, Longford (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8428 Cowley deserted Medieval village, Cowley, South Darley (Monument)
Monument Type MDR2648 Dalbury Lees: possible deserted Medieval village site (Monument)
Monument Type MDR3728 Deer park on Harthill Hall, Harthill (site of) (Monument)
Monument Type MDR14976 Deserted medieval settlement (approximate site of), Oakwood, Derby (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4286 Deserted medieval settlement (site of), Woodcote, Smisby (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1144 Deserted medieval settlement, north of Lea Cottage Farm, Lea Hall (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1508 Deserted Medieval Village (?site of), Ludwell, Hartington Town Quarter (Monument)
Monument Type MDR3375 Deserted medieval village (possible site of), Lendow Wood, Callow (Monument)
Monument Type MDR3376 Deserted medieval village (possible site of), Warrington Knob, Callow (Monument)
Monument Type MDR3637 Deserted Medieval village (site of), Chatsworth Park (Monument)
Monument Type MDR3805 Deserted medieval village (site of), south-east of Smerrill Grange, Smerrill (Monument)
Monument Type MDR3486 Deserted medieval village of Burton, Stump Cross Field, Bakewell (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4296 Deserted medieval village site, Arleston, Barrow upon Trent (Monument)
Monument Type MDR2668 Deserted medieval village, Barton Blount (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4052 Deserted Medieval village, Birchill, Hassop (Monument)
Monument Type MDR3561 Deserted Medieval village, Burton, Bakewell (Monument)
Monument Type MDR3497 Deserted Medieval village, Conksbury, Over Haddon (Monument)
Monument Type MDR737 Deserted Medieval village, Hungry Bentley (Monument)
Monument Type MDR2787 Deserted medieval village, Mercaston (Monument)
Monument Type MDR3494 Deserted medieval village, Nether Haddon and Stanton (Scheduled Monument)
Monument Type MDR2621 Deserted medieval village, Osleston Lane, Osleston (Monument)
Monument Type MDR10471 Deserted medieval village, Sinfin Golf Course, Derby (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1119 Deserted medieval village, south and east of Lea Hall (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1827 Deserted Medieval village, west of Hazlebadge Hall, Hazlebadge (Monument)
Monument Type MDR5187 Deserted settlement, Dronfield Woodhouse, Dronfield (Monument)
Monument Type MDR12317 Deserted settlement, Upper Locko, Dale Abbey (Monument)
Monument Type MDR6395 Deserted/shrunken medieval village, Steetley (Monument)
Monument Type MDR2624 Earthworks west and north-west of Longford Hall (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7210 Earthworks, Repton Road, Hartshorne (Site)
Monument Type MDR4306 Foremark Deserted Medieval Village (Monument)
Monument Type MDR5956 Griff deserted medieval village (site of), Ault Hucknall (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4245 Highlow: possible deserted Medieval village (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4715 Ireton Parva (site of?), Ireton Farm Lodge, Kedleston (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4712 Kedleston village (site of), Kedleston Park (Monument)
Monument Type MDR2647 Lees: possible deserted Medieval village site (Monument)
Monument Type MDR5155 Little Stretton, ?Deserted Medieval Village (Site)
Monument Type MDR7898 Little Thrumpton deserted settlement, Long Eaton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR2626 Lower Thurvaston: Medieval Settlement and Open Field System (Monument)
Monument Type MDR5951 Lowne, Lune, Lund or Lunt depopulated medieval village (site of), Heath (Monument)
Monument Type MDR787 Medieval/post-medieval landscape, West Broughton Farm, Sudbury (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4917 Old Wigwell: possible deserted Medieval village (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1598 One Ash deserted medieval village/medieval grange, Monyash (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4144 Possible deserted medieval village (site of), Chatsworth Estate, Chatsworth (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8254 Possible deserted medieval village (site of), Gratton Grange Farm, Gratton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR865 Possible deserted medieval village of Fenton, Ashbourne Green, Offcote and Underwood (Monument)
Monument Type MDR5749 Possible deserted medieval village of Kidsley, Smalley (Monument)
Monument Type MDR811 Possible deserted medieval village of Underwood, Underwood Farm, Offcote and Underwood (Monument)
Monument Type MDR2682 Possible deserted medieval village, Ash (Monument)
Monument Type MDR2515 Possible deserted medieval village, Catton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR5572 Possible deserted medieval village, Church or Little Wilne (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8256 Possible deserted medieval village, Dale End, Gratton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR2605 Possible Deserted Medieval Village, Drakelow (Site)
Monument Type MDR110 Possible deserted medieval village, Four Winds, Hartington Middle Quarter (Monument)
Monument Type MDR2659 Possible deserted medieval village, Hoon (Monument)
Monument Type MDR2711 Possible deserted medieval village, Offcote House, Offcote and Underwood (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4591 Possible Deserted Medieval Village, Sinfin, Derby (Site)
Monument Type MDR5161 Possible deserted settlement, Brassington Lane, Egstow, Tupton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR12109 Possible deserted settlement, Wingerworth (Monument)
Monument Type MDR296 Possible Medieval building complex, King Sterndale (Monument)
Monument Type MDR730 Possible site of Eaton (Dovedale) - deserted medieval village (Monument)
Monument Type MDR795 Sapperton: deserted Medieval village (Monument)
Monument Type MDR727 Sedsall: possible deserted Medieval village (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8427 Shrunken medieval village, Snitterton, South Darley (Monument)
Monument Type MDR2203 Submerged village of Derwent, Ladybower Reservoir, Derwent (Monument)
Monument Type MDR572 Valehouse deserted village (submerged), Valehouse Reservoir, Tintwistle (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7310 Weston: possible deserted Medieval village (Monument)