Thesaurus Term/Concept: MILESTONE

Identifier 70235
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note A stone set up on a road or path to mark the miles from or to a place.

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Context Record
Monument Type MDR292 ?Roman milestone, Fairfield Road, Buxton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR311 ?Roman Milestone, Fern House, Buxton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR215 Alleged Roman milestone near Brook House Farm, Fairfield (Monument)
Monument Type MDR218 Alleged Roman milestone, Blackedge Farm, Buxton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR217 Alleged Roman milestone, Dove Holes, Chapel-en-le-Frith (Monument)
Monument Type MDR6858 Fallcliff Wood, Milestone (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8685 Greaves's Piece, milestone (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8871 Guidestone, 20m north of Broadlowash Farm, Thorpe (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4200 Guidestone, Moscar House, Derwent (Monument)
Monument Type MDR10179 Milepost, Forty Acre Piece, Darley Dale (Monument)
Monument Type MDR6714 Milestone (moved), Bee Wood, Curbar (Monument)
Monument Type MDR10161 Milestone (possible site of), opposite Matlock Golf Club, Chesterfield Road, Matlock Town (Monument)
Monument Type MDR11604 Milestone and Old Road, Macclesfield Old Road, Burbage (Monument)
Monument Type MDR11661 Milestone at the Rod Moor Road/Barnes Lane junction, Dronfield (Building)
Monument Type MDR8684 Milestone between Owler Bar and Lidgate, Holmesfield (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8732 Milestone near Coldwall Bridge, Thorpe (Monument)
Monument Type MDR12794 Milestone near Crescent Drive, Bridgemont, Whaley Bridge (Monument)
Monument Type MDR6733 Milestone near Farnsley Lane, Middleton Lane, Stoney Middleton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR12889 Milestone near Grange Mill Quarry, Brassington (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8664 Milestone near Haddon Barn, Haddon Road, Nether Haddon (Monument)
Monument Type MDR12944 Milestone near Holly Bush Farm, Longway Bank, Wirksworth (Monument)
Monument Type MDR6686 Milestone near Housley, Eyam (Monument)
Monument Type MDR6643 Milestone near Overstones Farm, Outseats (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8683 Milestone near Oxclose Wood, Nether Haddon (Monument)
Monument Type MDR12929 Milestone near the Holy Trinity Church, South Parade, Matlock Bath (Monument)
Monument Type MDR10058 Milestone near Wigwell, Wirksworth (Monument)
Monument Type MDR10241 Milestone on Darley Road, Stone Edge, Ashover (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8743 Milestone on the A5012 east of Pikehall, Brassington (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8751 Milestone on the A5012 near Newhaven Crossing, Hartington Nether Quarter (Monument)
Monument Type MDR12923 Milestone on the A515, Sterndale Moor, Hartington Upper Quarter (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7426 Milestone on the A621, Ramsley Moor, Holmesfield (Site)
Monument Type MDR7415 Milestone on the A625, Totley Moss, Grindleford (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7416 Milestone on the A625, White Edge Moor, Grindleford (Monument)
Monument Type MDR12928 Milestone on the B5035 north of The Ketch PH, Kniveton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8639 Milestone on the B5056, Bradbourne (Monument)
Monument Type MDR12926 Milestone on the B5056, Kniveton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR12892 Milestone on the B5056, Longclifffe, Brassington (Monument)
Monument Type MDR6738 Milestone on the B6001, Grindleford (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7425 Milestone on the B6054, Flask Edge, Holmesfield (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7424 Milestone on the B6054, Totley Moss, Holmesfield (Monument)
Monument Type MDR11602 Milestone opposite Reservoir Farm, Butterley, Ashover (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8575 Milestone opposite the Snake Pass Inn, Snake Road, Hope Woodlands (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8633 Milestone, 300 yards north of Holly Bush Inn, Grangemill, Ivonbrook Grange (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8867 Milestone, 80m north-east of Friden Hollow Bowl Barrow, Middleton and Smerrill (Monument)
Monument Type MDR11084 Milestone, Alicehead Road, Alicehead (Monument)
Monument Type MDR11085 Milestone, Alicehead Road/Matlock Road, near Ashover (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8853 Milestone, Alport Bridge, Snake Road, Hope Woodlands (Monument)
Monument Type MDR12893 Milestone, Ashbourne Road, Carsington (Monument)
Monument Type MDR11603 Milestone, Ashby Road East, Bretby (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8680 Milestone, Back Lane, Youlgreave (Monument)
Monument Type MDR10140 Milestone, Bakewell Road, Darley Dale (Monument)
Monument Type MDR12931 Milestone, Bakewell Road, Matlock Town (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8852 Milestone, Bellhagg, Snake Road, Hope Woodlands (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4891 Milestone, Belper Road, Carr Hill, Shirland, Shirland and Higham (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8864 Milestone, Bent Lane, Tissington (Monument)
Monument Type MDR11132 Milestone, Birkin Lane, Wingerworth (Monument)
Monument Type MDR13011 Milestone, Buxton Road, Bakewell (Monument)
Monument Type MDR12073 Milestone, Buxton to Macclesfield turnpike, Hartington Upper Quarter (Monument)
Monument Type MDR12942 Milestone, Chapel Road, Whaley Bridge (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8725 Milestone, Chinley Moor (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7537 Milestone, Clod Hall Lane, Baslow and Bubnell (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8669 Milestone, Conksbury Farm, Over Haddon (Monument)
Monument Type MDR9914 Milestone, Cromford Canal, Thurlowbooth Wood, Crich (Monument)
Monument Type MDR11266 Milestone, Cubley Common (Monument)
Monument Type MDR12930 Milestone, Dale Road, Matlock Bath (Monument)
Monument Type MDR9893 Milestone, Dalley Lane, Belper (Monument)
Monument Type MDR9897 Milestone, east of the Bear Inn, Alderwasley (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8845 Milestone, east of Woodeaves Cottage, Fenny Bentley (Monument)
Monument Type MDR9892 Milestone, Farnah Green Road, Farnah Green, Belper (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7418 Milestone, Froggatt Edge, Froggatt (Monument)
Monument Type MDR11600 Milestone, Gorses, Alderwasley (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1795 Milestone, Hargatewall, Wormhill (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8279 Milestone, Harthill (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7409 Milestone, Hathersage-Ringinglow Turnpike, Outseats (Monument)
Monument Type MDR10218 Milestone, Hazelwood Road and Spring Hollow, Hazelwood (Monument)
Monument Type MDR12924 Milestone, Hognaston Winn, Hognaston (Monument)
Monument Type MDR10587 Milestone, Holmesfield Common End, Holmesfield (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1417 Milestone, Johnson Lane, Sheldon (Monument)
Monument Type MDR10176 Milestone, Little Bumper Piece, Darley (Monument)
Monument Type MDR12183 Milestone, London Road, Buxton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8702 Milestone, Long Hill, Hartington Upper Quarter (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8689 Milestone, Longshaw Estate, Grindleford (Monument)
Monument Type MDR9899 Milestone, Longway Bank Road, Alderwasley (Monument)
Monument Type MDR12925 Milestone, Main Street, Hopton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR12927 Milestone, Main Street, Kniveton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR11662 Milestone, Makeney Road, Holbrook (Monument)
Monument Type MDR12896 Milestone, Manchester Road, Lower Crossings, Chapel en le Frith (Monument)
Monument Type MDR12895 Milestone, Manchester Road, Tunstead Milton, Chapel-en-le-Frith (Monument)
Monument Type MDR12739 Milestone, Market Street, Whaley Bridge (Monument)
Monument Type MDR11131 Milestone, Matlock Road, Holymoorside and Walton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8851 Milestone, near Hagglee Ford, Snake Road, Hope Woodlands (Monument)
Monument Type MDR6759 Milestone, near Knouchley Farm, B6001, Calver (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8848 Milestone, Newhaven Hotel, Hartington Nether Quarter (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8859 Milestone, north-east of Chamber Farm, Peak Forest (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8367 Milestone, north-east of Westhill Farm, Winster (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8640 Milestone, north-east of White Meadow, Ballidon (Monument)
Monument Type MDR12894 Milestone, north-west of Brierlow Grange, Hartington Upper Quarter (Monument)
Monument Type MDR10057 Milestone, nr Wirksworth Moor, Wirksworth (Monument)
Monument Type MDR12943 Milestone, Oakerthorpe Road, Bolehill, Wirksworth (Monument)
Monument Type MDR10209 Milestone, Old Brampton, Brampton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR12907 Milestone, opposite Stancliffe Quarries, Northwood (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8865 Milestone, Pomeroy Cottages, Hartington Middle Quarter (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7533 Milestone, Ramsley Moor, Holmesfield (Monument)
Monument Type MDR10059 Milestone, Rise End, Middleton by Wirksworth (Monument)
Monument Type MDR11605 Milestone, Roe's Lane, Crich (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8847 Milestone, Rolley Low barrow, Castlegate Lane, Great Longstone (Monument)
Monument Type MDR12909 Milestone, Rose Cottage, Fenny Bentley (Monument)
Monument Type MDR9896 Milestone, Sandy Ford, Alderwasley (Monument)
Monument Type MDR9915 Milestone, Sandy Lane, Crich (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8441 Milestone, Snitterton Road, Snitterton, South Darley (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8607 Milestone, south-west of Winstermoor Farm, Winster (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7636 Milestone, Stoney Middleton Road, Calver (Monument)
Monument Type MDR6644 Milestone, The Crofts, Hathersage (Monument)
Monument Type MDR12939 Milestone, The Green Road, Ashbourne Green, Offcote and Underwood (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8854 Milestone, west of Wood Cottage, Snake Road, Hope Woodlands (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8863 Milestone, Wintercroft Lane, Thorpe (Monument)
Monument Type MDR12372 Milestone/mile plate, Burton Road, Midway, Swadlincote (Monument)
Monument Type MDR11269 Possible milestone, Stonepit Lane, Hognaston (Monument)
Monument Type MDR216 Possible Roman milestone, Wormhill (Monument)
Monument Type MDR12853 Private milestone, Nethermoor Road, Wingerworth (Monument)
Monument Type MDR5390 Roman milestone, Brimington Road, Chesterfield (Monument)
Monument Type MDR273 Roman milestone, Silverlands, Buxton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8535 Turnpike milestone, Stanton (Monument)