Thesaurus Term/Concept: BARN

Identifier 68547
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note A building for the storage and processing of grain crops and for housing straw, farm equipment and occasionally livestock and their fodder. Use more specific type where known.

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Context Record
Monument Type MDR10696 16-18-20 Main Street, Weston Upon Trent (Building)
Monument Type MDR10707 69 Derby Road, Duffield (Building)
Monument Type MDR10914 7-9 Abbey Lane, Darley Abbey (Building)
Monument Type MDR15327 Alport Farm Hamlet, Alport Farm, Hope Woodlands (Building)
Monument Type MDR6876 Banktop Farm (site of), Glover Bank, Offerton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR23171 Barn and Milking Parlour at Marston Park, Cubley Lane, Marston Montgomery (Building)
Monument Type MDR12450 Barn at Beard Hall, Laneside Road, New Mills (Building)
Monument Type MDR23099 Barn at Elms Farm, Duffield Road, Little Eaton (Listed Building)
Monument Type MDR22914 Barn at Ford Farm, Ford Lane, Eckington (Listed Building)
Monument Type MDR23169 Barn at Marston Park, Cubley Lane, Marston Montgomery (Building)
Monument Type MDR15052 Barn at Rose Cottage, Elmton (Building)
Monument Type MDR50 Barn at Whitle Farm, Whitle Bank Road, New Mills (Monument)
Monument Type MDR16485 Barn at Yew Tree Farm, Alfreton Road, Tansley (Building)
Monument Type MDR22900 Barn North of Ivy House, A515, Hartington Nether Quarter (Building)
Monument Type MDR8940 Barn of Darley Hall Farm, Darley Dale (Building)
Monument Type MDR10092 Barn or possible tithe barn, Hob Lane, Kirk Ireton (Building)
Monument Type MDR16457 Barn to the north of Church Farmhouse, Dethick Lane, Dethick (Listed Building)
Monument Type MDR23072 Barn West of No. 83 London Road, Shardlow and Great Wilne (Listed Building)
Monument Type MDR5099 Barn, Goss Hall, Ashover (Building)
Monument Type MDR12997 Barn, Shutts Farm, Bakewell (Building)
Monument Type MDR23216 Barn, Southwood Farm, off Heath Lane, Calke Abbey Estate, Ticknall (Building)
Monument Type MDR15051 Barns (site of), Church Street, Barlborough (Monument)
Monument Type MDR233 Barns and house, Hardybarn, Waterswallows Road, Wormhill (Building)
Monument Type MDR15395 Barns, Abbotside Farm, Hartington Middle Quarter (Building)
Monument Type MDR13642 Beetroot Tree Gallery, 34 South Street, Draycott (Building)
Monument Type MDR13185 Bellhagg Barn and site of earlier buildings, Bellhagg Wood, Hope Woodlands (Monument)
Monument Type MDR433 Blake Hall, Ladygate Road, New Mills (Building)
Monument Type MDR1830 Blake House, High Street, Tideswell (Building)
Monument Type MDR45 Bower House Farm Barn (Monument)
Monument Type MDR3916 Bradshaw Hall, Hawkhill Road, Eyam (Listed Building)
Monument Type MDR5393 Brampton Manor Barn, off Old Road, Chesterfield (Scheduled Monument)
Monument Type MDR10741 Brook Farm, Milton, Repton (Building)
Monument Type MDR182 Brook House Farm and Barn, Ridge Lane, Chapel-en-le-Frith (Building)
Monument Type MDR23076 Castle Farm Farmhouse and Barn, North of The Square, Middleton and Smerrill (Listed Building)
Monument Type MDR12671 Castle Farm, Castle Lane, Aldercar & Langley Mill (Listed Building)
Monument Type MDR10952 Cedars Farm, Market Street, Draycott (Building)
Monument Type MDR2431 Chapel Farmhouse and attached outbuildings, Slack Lane, Thornhill (Monument)
Monument Type MDR15376 Chapel-style barn, Holt House, Two Dales, Darley Dale (Building)
Monument Type MDR5126 Clattercotes Farm, Knotcross Road, Ashover (Monument)
Monument Type MDR3601 Congreave Farm, Stantonhall Lane, Congreave, Stanton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR23033 Cottages at Wakebridge Farm, off Leashaw, Crich (Building)
Monument Type MDR10822 Cruck barn, Old Rectory, Church Lane, Shirley (Building)
Monument Type MDR5002 Cruck barn, Woodhead Farm, Holymoorside and Walton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR13054 Farm buildings at Povey Farm, Hazlehurst Lane, Eckington (Building)
Monument Type MDR13057 Farm buildings at Troway Hall Farm, Troway, Eckington (Building)
Monument Type MDR1999 Farmhouse and barn, south-south-east of Knotlow Farm, Wormhill (Building)
Monument Type MDR1291 Farmhouse and possible site of medieval grange, One Ash Grange, Monyash (Monument)
Monument Type MDR23127 Farmhouse of Highfield Farm, Town Street, Holbrook (Listed Building)
Monument Type MDR14682 Farmstead (site of), Sheffield Road, Chesterfield (Monument)
Monument Type MDR15318 Field barn (remains of), Dirtlow Rake, Castleton (Building)
Monument Type MDR15319 Field Barn, Pindale Road, Castleton (Building)
Monument Type MDR9090 Firs Farm, Ladyhole Lane, Yeldersley (Building)
Monument Type MDR22877 Former Barn and Stables at Churchfields Farm, Brailsford (Listed Building)
Monument Type MDR18928 Former Barn Complex at Church Lane Farm, Church Lane, Great Longstone (Building)
Monument Type MDR10823 Former General Baptist Chapel, Main Street, Ticknall (Building)
Monument Type MDR19743 Former House and Outbuilding at Bank Top Farm, off Dig Street, Hartington Town Quarter (Listed Building)
Monument Type MDR15189 Former stables and barn at Holly Tree Farm, Main Road, Heath (Building)
Monument Type MDR14129 Fox Hall Barn, Kinder Road, Hayfield (Building)
Monument Type MDR424 Fox Hall, Kinder Road, Hayfield (Building)
Monument Type MDR7785 Glasshouse Farm (site of), Glasshouse Lane, New Whittington (Monument)
Monument Type MDR6511 Grange Farm, Elmton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR10735 Grange Farm, Twyford and Stenson (Building)
Monument Type MDR5156 Hawksley House Farm, Handley Lane, Stretton (Listed Building)
Monument Type MDR4243 Highlow Hall and Associated Buildings (Building)
Monument Type MDR8932 Highstones Farm Barn, North of Torside Reservoir, Tintwistle (Building)
Monument Type MDR15188 Holly Barn, Main Road, Heath (Building)
Monument Type MDR10732 Home Farm, Foremark (Building)
Monument Type MDR1790 House (site of), Tunstead, Wormhill (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1222 House, Town Head, Flagg (Building)
Monument Type MDR15361 Hucklow Barn, Hucklow Lees, Hope Woodlands (Building)
Monument Type MDR2727 Hulland Old Hall and outbuildings, Ashbourne-Belper Road, Hulland (Building)
Monument Type MDR15223 Ivy Farm outbuildings, Mansfield Road, Heath (Building)
Monument Type MDR19877 Ivy House, Former Barn and Stable Complex, A515, Hartington Nether Quarter (Listed Building)
Monument Type MDR6300 Kent House and site of outbuildings, Main Road, Ridgeway (Building)
Monument Type MDR10698 Kings Newton House outbuildings, Melbourne (Building)
Monument Type MDR5206 Knowles Farm, Burrs Wood, Holmesfield (Building)
Monument Type MDR23157 Laneside Farm, off Woodhead Road, Glossop (Listed Building)
Monument Type MDR13046 Lightwood Farm, Lightwood Lane, Eckington (Building)
Monument Type MDR11677 Littlewood Farm, Pleasley Vale (Monument)
Monument Type MDR15382 Long Barn or Bedlam Barn, Rise End, Middleton (Building)
Monument Type MDR483 Lower Courses farmhouse and barn, Crossings Road, Chapel-en-le-Frith (Building)
Monument Type MDR10731 Lower Farm, Twyford and Stenson (Building)
Monument Type MDR1377 Mandale Rake and lead mine, Over Haddon (Monument)
Monument Type MDR6188 Manor Farm, Harlesthorpe, Clowne (Building)
Monument Type MDR10085 Massey's Barn, on the Ashbourne-Belper Road, Hulland Ward (Building)
Monument Type MDR5663 Medieval and post-medieval occupation, Church Farm, Sawley (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8270 Medieval chapel (site of), Harthill Hall, Harthill (Monument)
Monument Type MDR2786 Mercaston Old Hall, Mercaston Lane, Mercaston (Building)
Monument Type MDR11353 Moor Farm Cottage South (site of), London Road, Shardlow (Monument)
Monument Type MDR10722 New Close Farm (site of), Etwall (Monument)
Monument Type MDR3116 No. 1, High Street, Bonsall (Building)
Monument Type MDR23198 North Barn at Marl House Farm, Glossop Road, Hayfield (Listed Building)
Monument Type MDR6679 Old Barn, 51m south of The Yard, Foolow (Building)
Monument Type MDR3816 Old Hall Farmhouse and Barn, Youlgreave (Building)
Monument Type MDR5212 Old Horsleygate Hall (Building)
Monument Type MDR15153 Old Rectory and Tithe Barn, Church Street, Dronfield (Building)
Monument Type MDR8600 Outbuilding, Near Junction of B5056 and Bonsall Lane, Winster (Building)
Monument Type MDR12463 Outbuildings at Dimple Farm, Hurds Hollow, Matlock Town (Building)
Monument Type MDR22841 Outbuildings at Hazelhurst Farm, Hazlehurst Lane, Eckington (Building)
Monument Type MDR12459 Outbuildings at Sutton Manor, Palterton Lane, Sutton Scarsdale, Sutton Cum Duckmanton (Building)
Monument Type MDR23128 Outbuildings of Highfield Farm, Town Street, Holbrook (Listed Building)
Monument Type MDR7832 Outbuildings, east of Brizlincote Hall, Brizlincote Lane, Bretby (Building)
Monument Type MDR23170 Partial Remains of Barn at Marston Park, Cubley Lane, Marston Montgomery (Building)
Monument Type MDR15719 Possible RAF storage barn, High Edge, Hartington Upper Quarter (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4375 Possible site of medieval chapel, St Bride's Farm, Stanton By Bridge (Building)
Monument Type MDR18415 Potter Barn, Clement Lane, Bradwell (Monument)
Monument Type MDR11327 Powder House, Roystone, Ballidon (Building)
Monument Type MDR15018 Probable barn and corn drying kiln (site of), South Street, Chesterfield (Monument)
Monument Type MDR11210 Range Farm, Pinxton (Building)
Monument Type MDR4847 Riber Hall, Riber Road, Riber, Matlock Town (Building)
Monument Type MDR5482 Romano-British aisled building, Little Hay Grange, Ockbrook (Monument)
Monument Type MDR3044 Roystone Grange Farm, Ballidon (Building)
Monument Type MDR2427 Ryecroft Farm, Cruck barn (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7830 Sapperton Manor: Farm and Outbuildings, Sapperton Lane, Church Broughton (Building)
Monument Type MDR23168 Shippon at Marston Park, Cubley Lane, Marston Montgomery (Building)
Monument Type MDR23224 Site of Burrow Wood Farm, off Dale Road, Ockbrook and Borrowash (Site)
Monument Type MDR4831 Site of Manor House and Possible Moated Site, Wakebridge Farm, off Leashaw, Crich (Site)
Monument Type MDR23043 Site of Northern Building, Home Farm, Coach Road, Ripley (Site)
Monument Type MDR8885 Small field barn complex, c. 300m east of Haddon Grove Farm, Bakewell/Over Haddon (Building)
Monument Type MDR21162 Smelters Cottage, off The Dale, Callow, Hathersage (Building)
Monument Type MDR22880 Stanton Barns Farm Farmhouse, Ward's Lane, Melbourne (Building)
Monument Type MDR22881 Stanton Barns Outbuildings, Ward's Lane, Melbourne (Building)
Monument Type MDR22882 Stanton Barns Outbuildings, Ward's Lane, Melbourne (Building)
Monument Type MDR680 Stone barn, Higher Dinting Road, Glossop (Monument)
Monument Type MDR11357 Stuffynwood Farm, Shirebrook (Building)
Monument Type MDR13067 Thatched barn, Close Farm Lane, Dale Abbey (Building)
Monument Type MDR10759 Thatched Farm, Radbourne (Building)
Monument Type MDR15200 The Barn, Wilson Lane, Heath (Building)
Monument Type MDR6117 The Hagge - house of 1630, C17 walls & outbuildings (Building)
Monument Type MDR10751 The Limes, Kings Newton, Melbourne (Building)
Monument Type MDR11714 The Lowes Farm, Lowes Lane, Swarkestone (Building)
Monument Type MDR13128 The Mansion House and outbuilding, Bowns Hill, Crich (Building)
Monument Type MDR594 Top o' th' Hill Farm, Park Road, Padfield (Monument)
Monument Type MDR12100 Torr Farm, Hazelford, Grindleford (Listed Building)
Monument Type MDR12001 Townend Farm, Main Street, Chelmorton (Building)
Monument Type MDR23036 Two Barns at Wakebridge Farm, off Leashaw, Crich (Building)
Monument Type MDR16296 Two former barns located behind 49-69 Cromford Hill & 13-47 North Street, Cromford (Building)
Monument Type MDR1844 Watergrove Lead Mine and associated buildings, Watergrove, Foolow (Monument)
Monument Type MDR23199 West Barn at Marl House Farm, Glossop Road, Hayfield (Listed Building)