Thesaurus Term/Concept: ENCLOSURE

Identifier 70354
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note An area of land enclosed by a boundary ditch, bank, wall, palisade or other similar barrier. Use specific type where known.

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Context Record
Monument Type MDR11529 ?Barrow, Gautries Hill barrow, Peak Forest (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1986 ?Enclosure, Knot Low, Wormhill (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1866 ?Enclosure, south of Little Hucklow (Monument)
Monument Type MDR3004 ?Enclosure, south-east of Minninglow, Brassington (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8671 ?Pinfold, 50m south-south-east of St Annes Church, Over Haddon (Monument)
Monument Type MDR3469 Alleged earthwork enclosure and barrow, Moatless Plantation, Calton Pastures, Edensor (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4056 Alleged enclosure, Bank Wood, Hassop (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7090 Anglo-Saxon settlement north of Egginton Brook, Willington (Monument)
Monument Type MDR6929 Aston Cursus Complex, Aston Moor (Monument)
Monument Type MDR9568 Black Hole Terrace (site of), Higher Hallsteads, Peak Forest Tramway, Chapel-en-le-Frith (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1100 Bletch Rings stone circles? (possible site of), near Bletch Brook, Parwich (Monument)
Monument Type MDR10971 Boundary Wall and Enclosure, Peak Forest Tramway, Chapel-en-le-Frith (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4181 Bronze Age field system, Ladybower Inn, Bamford (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7443 Bronze Age field system, Stoke Flat East, Baslow and Bubnell (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4017 Bronze Age field system, Stoke Flat South, Curbar Edge, Baslow and Bubnell (Monument)
Monument Type MDR6639 Buck Stone, Moscar Moor, Outseats (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7680 Building foundations, north-west of Monks Dale Farm, Wheston (Monument)
Monument Type MDR15356 Building platform and bank, Ashton Tor, Hope Woodlands (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7767 Cairnfield, north-east of Raven Tor, Beeley Moor, Beeley (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4399 Chellaston Junction, Cropmarks of Parallel Ditches, ridge and furrow, enclosure feature. (Monument)
Monument Type MDR6149 Circular enclosure, west Renishaw Park, Eckington (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7046 Cropmark (site of), Linton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4358 Cropmark 25m southeast of Cuckoo Barn, Ingleby (Monument)
Monument Type MDR11176 Cropmark c. 350m north-east of Brookhill Hall, Pinxton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR6314 Cropmark complex and artefact scatter, Pasture Lane, Long Eaton (Site)
Monument Type MDR4310 Cropmark Complex East of Frizam's Lane, Twyford and Stenson (Site)
Monument Type MDR6387 Cropmark complex, east of Forge Lane, Stony Houghton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR6052 Cropmark Complex, Harehill Wood (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7145 Cropmark Enclosure (Monument)
Monument Type MDR2510 Cropmark enclosure and field boundary, off Coton Road, Walton-on-Trent (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4323 Cropmark enclosure and ring ditch, Ingleby (Monument)
Monument Type MDR5650 Cropmark enclosure and ring ditch, Ivy House Farm, Breaston (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4401 Cropmark enclosure, Barrow upon Trent (Monument)
Monument Type MDR3224 Cropmark enclosure, Bradbourne (Monument)
Monument Type MDR3236 Cropmark enclosure, Bradbourne (Monument)
Monument Type MDR3279 Cropmark enclosure, Brassington (Monument)
Monument Type MDR3316 Cropmark enclosure, east of Longrose Farm, Kniveton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR6347 Cropmark enclosure, east of Roseland Wood, Scarcliffe (Monument)
Monument Type MDR435 Cropmark enclosure, Hayfield Road, New Mills (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8061 Cropmark enclosure, Hoon (Monument)
Monument Type MDR6844 Cropmark enclosure, Knouchley Farm, Stoke (Monument)
Monument Type MDR6348 Cropmark Enclosure, Moor Lane, Upper Langwith (Monument)
Monument Type MDR6173 Cropmark enclosure, Pebley, Barlborough (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7031 Cropmark enclosure, Sealwood Farm, Netherseal (Monument)
Monument Type MDR6039 Cropmark enclosure, south of Hillstown, Scarcliffe (Monument)
Monument Type MDR6038 Cropmark enclosure, south of Houghton Felley (Monument)
Monument Type MDR6037 Cropmark enclosure, south of Palterton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR6135 Cropmark Enclosure, Staveley Lane, Nether Handley (Monument)
Monument Type MDR5649 Cropmark enclosure, Wilne Lane, Breaston (Monument)
Monument Type MDR2372 Cropmark enclosures, Win Hill, Aston (Monument)
Monument Type MDR2270 Cropmark features (natural), Dirtlow Rake, Castleton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7307 Cropmark Site (Monument)
Monument Type MDR5570 Cropmark site, west of Elvaston (Monument)
Monument Type MDR6530 Cropmark, Markland Lane, Whitwell (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4398 Cropmark, north side of the Trent, Swarkestone (Monument)
Monument Type MDR3333 Cropmark, south of Closes Farm, Kniveton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4327 Cropmarks 200m NNE of Ivy Cottage, Twyford (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4322 Cropmarks 300m north of Poplars Farm, Barrow upon Trent (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7096 Cropmarks and artefact scatter, Catton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4364 Cropmarks and earthworks, southwest of Round Hill, Twyford (Monument)
Monument Type MDR2584 Cropmarks east of Dale Farm, Willington (Monument)
Monument Type MDR799 Cropmarks east of Lemon's Holme, Foston And Scropton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR11642 Cropmarks east of Rotherham Road, Barlborough (Monument)
Monument Type MDR5610 Cropmarks north of Shardlow (Monument)
Monument Type MDR2514 Cropmarks north-west of Warren Barn, Walton on Trent (Monument)
Monument Type MDR2589 Cropmarks south of Boundary Road, Etwall (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4329 Cropmarks south of Willington Road, Willington Junction (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4326 Cropmarks south-east of Stenson Farm, Stenson (Monument)
Monument Type MDR2613 Cropmarks, Bretby Park, Bretby (Monument)
Monument Type MDR6148 Cropmarks, east of Staveley Lane, Staveley (Site)
Monument Type MDR5571 Cropmarks, Foxcovert Farm, Aston upon Trent (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7047 Cropmarks, north of Linton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR2512 Cropmarks, north of Manor Farm, Walton-on-Trent (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4313 Cropmarks, north of Old Hall Farm, Twyford and Stenson (Monument)
Monument Type MDR14481 Cropmarks, south of Stenson (Monument)
Monument Type MDR5658 Cropmarks, south of Trent Lane, Long Eaton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4506 Cropmarks, south of Vicar Wood, Mackworth (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7750 Cropmarks, south of Wilne Lane, Breaston (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1145 Cropmarks, south-west of Horsley Farm, Lea Hall (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7189 Cropmarks, The Buildings Farm, Hartshorne (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4320 Cropmarks, west of The Grange, Barrow upon Trent (Monument)
Monument Type MDR5648 Cropmarks, Wilne Lane, Breaston (Monument)
Monument Type MDR3805 Deserted medieval village (site of), south-east of Smerrill Grange, Smerrill (Monument)
Monument Type MDR3486 Deserted medieval village of Burton, Stump Cross Field, Bakewell (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4299 Double ring ditch, pit alignment and enclosures 400m south-west of The Grange (Monument)
Monument Type MDR15141 D-shaped Enclosure, Southeast within Whitwell Wood, Whitwell (Site)
Monument Type MDR4002 Earth circle, Big Moor (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8038 Earthwork complex, Brizlincote Hall Farm, Bretby (Monument)
Monument Type MDR51 Earthwork Enclosure, Broadhurst Edge, New Mills (Monument)
Monument Type MDR6456 Earthwork enclosure, Castle Hill, Whitwell (Monument)
Monument Type MDR3535 Earthwork enclosure, Combs Lane, Bakewell (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7359 Earthwork features, Swarkestone Stop, Swarkestone (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1985 Earthwork Field Enclosures, 415m east-south-east of Tunsread Cottages, Wormhill (Monument)
Monument Type MDR3036 Earthwork, 350, south-east of Bonsall Lane Farm, Bonsall (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1040 Earthwork, Biggin Grange, Hartington Nether Quarter (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1036 Earthwork, Biggin, Hartington Nether Quarter (Monument)
Monument Type MDR6114 Earthwork, Castle Hill, Eckington (Monument)
Monument Type MDR983 Earthwork, Gratton Dale, Brassington (Monument)
Monument Type MDR3309 Earthwork, Kniveton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7372 Earthwork, north-east of Hall Farm, Wardlow (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1485 Earthwork, Pilsbury, Hartington Town Quarter (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1870 Earthwork, south-east of Crookbank Farm, Litton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR5105 Earthwork, The Wolds, Matlock Town (Monument)
Monument Type MDR3310 Earthworks and cropmarks, 150m north-west of Ladycrofts Farm, Kniveton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR186 Earthworks and enclosures, Golf Course, Chapel-en-le-Frith (Monument)
Monument Type MDR6166 Earthworks and Folly (site of), Slaley Farm, Barlborough (Monument)
Monument Type MDR733 Earthworks north of Marston Lodge, Marston Montgomery (Site)
Monument Type MDR764 Earthworks, Bentley Hall, Hungry Bentley (Monument)
Monument Type MDR2972 Earthworks, north of Galley Low, Brassington (Monument)
Monument Type MDR2752 Earthworks, Rakestones Farm, Idridgehay and Kirk Ireton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR6908 Earthworks, south of Offerton Hall, Offerton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR325 Earthworks, west of Slade Hill Farm, Staden (Monument)
Monument Type MDR6399 Enclosure (site of), possible Iron Age coin(s) and Roman pottery, Steetley Farm (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1845 Enclosure / lynchet, 130m north-north-west of Curfew Cottage, Foolow (Monument)
Monument Type MDR6893 Enclosure and ditch, Gorsey Lee Plantation, Bamford (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1182 Enclosure and field boundaries, north-east of Cherry Orchard Farm, Fenny Bentley (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1756 Enclosure and trackway, north-east of Dale Head Farm, Wheston (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7444 Enclosure and two cairns, Curbar (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8425 Enclosure complex, Wensley, South Darley (Monument)
Monument Type MDR3315 Enclosure cropmark, Kniveton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8434 Enclosure cropmark, The Nook, South Darley (Monument)
Monument Type MDR6917 Enclosure mark, Nether Hurst, Outseats (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4107 Enclosure, 177m south-east of Green Island Cottage, Rowland (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1393 Enclosure, 190m west of Meadow Place Grange, Youlgreave (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1149 Enclosure, 200m south-west Parwich Lees Farm, Newton Grange (Monument)
Monument Type MDR2088 Enclosure, 206m north-east of Lower Farm, Brushfield (Monument)
Monument Type MDR2089 Enclosure, 211m east- south-east of Brushfield Romano-British settlement, Brushfield (Monument)
Monument Type MDR2115 Enclosure, 254m south-south-west of Dutch Barn, Little Longstone (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4098 Enclosure, 275m north of Ewe Close Farm, Hassop (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1030 Enclosure, 30m north-west of St Thomas' Church, Hartington Nether Quarter (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1386 Enclosure, 325m north-west of Johnson Lane Farm, Sheldon (Monument)
Monument Type MDR547 Enclosure, 50m south of Bowden Head Farmhouse, Chapel-en-le-Frith (Monument)
Monument Type MDR2460 Enclosure, Alport Castles, Hope Woodlands (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1685 Enclosure, Arbor Low, Middleton and Smerrill (Monument)
Monument Type MDR6488 Enclosure, Arrow Farm, Whitwell (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1326 Enclosure, Barker Fields Farm, Ashford (Monument)
Monument Type MDR3692 Enclosure, Beeley Moor, Beeley (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1041 Enclosure, Biggin, Hatrington Nether Quarter (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1788 Enclosure, Bole Hill, Wormhill (Monument)
Monument Type MDR3557 Enclosure, Burton Closes Hall, Bakewell (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7157 Enclosure, Catton Wood (Monument)
Monument Type MDR2130 Enclosure, Dimin Dale, Sheldon (Monument)
Monument Type MDR3556 Enclosure, east of Endcliffe House, Bakewell (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1177 Enclosure, field 100m south of Crake Low barrow, Tissington (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1157 Enclosure, field 230m west of Flaxdale Holdings, Parwich (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1003 Enclosure, field east of Pinelow Plantation, Eaton and Alsop (Monument)
Monument Type MDR2084 Enclosure, Fin Cop, Ashford-in-the-Water (Monument)
Monument Type MDR6303 Enclosure, Ford (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1065 Enclosure, Gotham Plantation, Parwich (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1965 Enclosure, Heathydale Ward, Tideswell (Monument)
Monument Type MDR6894 Enclosure, Hope Valley, Shatton, Brough and Shatton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1368 Enclosure, Lathkill Dale, Monyash (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1378 Enclosure, Lathkill Dale, Over Haddon (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1687 Enclosure, Middleton Common, Middleton and Smerrill (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1253 Enclosure, Monyash (Monument)
Monument Type MDR6302 Enclosure, Moss Valley (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1158 Enclosure, Mousedale Lane, Parwich (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1332 Enclosure, north of Blore's Barn Farm, Ashford-in-the-Water (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1710 Enclosure, north of Hulmes Vale Farm, Tideswell (Monument)
Monument Type MDR271 Enclosure, north of Manor Farm, Kingsterndale (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8943 Enclosure, north of Old Hackney Lane, Darley Dale (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1697 Enclosure, north-west of Lomberdale Cottage, Youlgreave (Monument)
Monument Type MDR3600 Enclosure, Noton Barn Farm, Over Haddon (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4099 Enclosure, Oxpasture, Hassop (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8513 Enclosure, Pilhough, Stanton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1221 Enclosure, south of Flagg Hall, Flagg (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1757 Enclosure, south-east of Curlew Lodge, Wheston (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1744 Enclosure, south-east of Hulmes Vale Farm, Tideswell (Monument)
Monument Type MDR87 Enclosure, Staker Hill, Hartington Upper Quarter (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1880 Enclosure, Tideswell Farm, Tideswell (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1745 Enclosure, Tideswell Moor, Tideswell (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1178 Enclosure, Tissington (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1854 Enclosure, Trot Lane, 80m west of Stanley Lodge, Great Hucklow (Monument)
Monument Type MDR2245 Enclosure, Upper Cave Dale, Castleton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR2117 Enclosure, Upperdale, Little Longstone (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7062 Enclosure, west of Burton Road, Castle Gresley (Site)
Monument Type MDR3559 Enclosure, west of Stanedge Road, Bakewell (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1174 Enclosure?, Bletch Brook, Tissington (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1179 Enclosure?, field 640m north-north-west of Shaw's Farm, Tissington (Monument)
Monument Type MDR2345 Enclosures (possible site of), south-west of Hope Cement Works, Bradwell (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1748 Enclosures and settlement, south-west of Wheston Hall, Wheston (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1402 Enclosures, 200m south of Horsborough Romano-British Settlement, Sheldon (Monument)
Monument Type MDR3558 Enclosures, 300m south-west of Haddon House, Bakewell (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1156 Enclosures, 460m north-west of Crakelow Farm, Parwich (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1403 Enclosures, 800m north-east of Manor House, Sheldon (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7599 Enclosures, Chatsworth Park, Chatsworth (Monument)
Monument Type MDR2268 Enclosures, Goosehill Hall, Castleton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1635 Enclosures, Monyash (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7158 Enclosures, north of Catton Wood, Catton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1325 Enclosures, Red House, Ashford (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4106 Enclsoure, 400m south-east of Buskey Cottage, Rowland (Monument)
Monument Type MDR2675 Extensive area of cropmarks, James's Lane, Sutton on the Hill (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7432 Field system and cairnfield, Big Moor, Baslow and Bubnell and Holmesfield (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1467 Field System and house platforms, Banktop, Hartington Town Quarter (Monument)
Monument Type MDR2086 Field system, 214m north-east of Lower Farm, Brushfield (Monument)
Monument Type MDR10972 Former Hut or Enclosure, Trackbed of Peak Forest Tramway Branch, Dove Holes, Chapel-en-le-Frith (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4630 Former putting greens or golf tees, Sinfin Golf Course, Derby (Monument)
Monument Type MDR2975 Grange and earthworks, Mouldridge Grange, Brassington (Monument)
Monument Type MDR15971 Hipley Barn, Hipley Hill, Brassington (Building)
Monument Type MDR2719 Hulland Old Hall (site of moated enclosure), Lower Hough Park, Hulland (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4319 Iron Age settlement site, pit alignment and droveway, west of Green Lane, Barrow Upon Trent (Site)
Monument Type MDR15704 Iron Age/Roman cropmarks, north of Scarcliffe Grange, Scarcliffe (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4371 Iron Age/Romano-British settlement, west of Lowes Lane, Barrow upon Trent (Monument)
Monument Type MDR6468 Irregular Enclosure, Northwest within Whitwell Wood, Whitwell (Site)
Monument Type MDR7113 Lad's Grave, Walton-on-Trent - cropmark enclosure (Monument)
Monument Type MDR14467 Later Prehistoric or Roman enclosure, pit and ditch, Ingleby (Monument)
Monument Type MDR3339 Linear bank, north of Brassington (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4400 Linear Pit Alignment and Other Features, East of Old Hall Farm, Swarkestone (Site)
Monument Type MDR326 Lynchets, King Sterndale (Monument)
Monument Type MDR3602 Meadow Place Grange, 349m south-west of Lathkill Lodge, Youlgreave (Monument)
Monument Type MDR2826 Medieval farmstead and possible earlier enclosure, Hilltop Farm, Aldwark (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1405 Medieval field system, Over Haddon village, Over Haddon (Site)
Monument Type MDR787 Medieval/post-medieval landscape, West Broughton Farm, Sudbury (Monument)
Monument Type MDR13275 Mesolithic and Neolithic activity, Waterswallows Lane, Green Fairfield (Monument)
Monument Type MDR11351 Mid-Late Iron Age occupation site and earlier features, Aston Hall Hospital, Weston-on-Trent (Monument)
Monument Type MDR22596 Mine shafts/pits; enclosures Longway bank (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4333 Neolithic and Bronze Age features, Hill Farm, Willington (Site)
Monument Type MDR7587 Neolithic enclosure, Gardom's Edge, Baslow (Monument)
Monument Type MDR6233 Oval enclosure, Netherthorpe School (Monument)
Monument Type MDR5965 Ovoid enclosure and ditch, Stainsby Park (Monument)
Monument Type MDR3641 Possible cairns (remains of), Fallange Edge, Beeley (Monument)
Monument Type MDR23213 Possible circular Enclosure, Southeast within Whitwell Wood, Whitwell (Site)
Monument Type MDR6305 Possible cropmark enclosure, Beighton Hill, Eckington (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8256 Possible deserted medieval village, Dale End, Gratton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4832 Possible enclosure and quarrying, Bilberry Knoll, Matlock Town (Monument)
Monument Type MDR12140 Possible enclosure ditch and pits, Waingroves Hall, Ripley (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8432 Possible enclosure mark, Wensley, South Darley (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4165 Possible enclosure or natural slope, Birchen Edge, Baslow and Bubnell (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1610 Possible enclosure, Blake Moor, Hartington Middle Quarter (Monument)
Monument Type MDR11933 Possible Enclosure, Chevin, Belper (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7602 Possible enclosure, Curbar Gap, Curbar (Monument)
Monument Type MDR13339 Possible enclosure, Heanor Road, Smalley (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1871 Possible enclosure, north-east of Crookbank Farm, Litton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR561 Possible enclosure, Upper Fold, Chiinley (Monument)
Monument Type MDR254 Possible enclosures, Bishops Lane, Buxton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8433 Possible enclosures, Snitterton, South Darley (Monument)
Monument Type MDR10294 Possible enclosures, Warren Hill, Walton-on-Trent (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4021 Possible fortified enclosure or natural feature, Big Moor, Baslow and Bubnell (Monument)
Monument Type MDR11518 Possible Iron Age/Romano-British settlement site, Eyam Moor (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1181 Possible linear boundaries and enclosure, south of Bentley Hall, Fenny Bentley (Monument)
Monument Type MDR296 Possible Medieval building complex, King Sterndale (Monument)
Monument Type MDR5431 Possible medieval enclosures (remains of), north-west of Donington Park (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1443 Possible moated site, Moat Hall, Hartington Town Quarter (Monument)
Monument Type MDR23047 Possible Prehistoric Features, Hanging Banks, Derby Road, Wingerworth (Site)
Monument Type MDR23055 Possible Roman Buildings and Features, Hanging Banks, Derby Road, Wingerworth (Site)
Monument Type MDR6161 Possible Romano-British enclosure, Barlborough (Monument)
Monument Type MDR2401 Possible settlement site, Dirtlow Rake, Castleton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR6885 Post-medieval enclosure, Smelting Hill, Abney and Abney Grange (Monument)
Monument Type MDR12258 Probable 16th century intake (site of), Langwith Wood, Scarcliffe (Monument)
Monument Type MDR22972 Probable Prehistoric Enclosure, Moor Lane, Aston upon Trent (Site)
Monument Type MDR7097 Rectangular enclosure, east of The Rough, Catton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8424 Rectangular platform and enclosure, Oker Lane, Oaker, South Darley (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8417 Ridge and furrow between Marston Park and Marston Lodge, Marston Montgomery (Monument)
Monument Type MDR22543 Ridge and furrow, track and enclosure, Bow Wood Farm (Monument)
Monument Type MDR932 Roman camp?, Lombard's Green, Parwich (Monument)
Monument Type MDR14702 Roman Farmstead, Chellaston Hill, Swarkestone (Site)
Monument Type MDR1966 Romano British Field System, 571m north-west of Monks Dale Farm, Tideswell (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7148 Romano-British enclosure, Willington Quarry, Willington (Site)
Monument Type MDR8152 Romano-British enclosures and other features, Willington Quarry (Site)
Monument Type MDR7089 Romano-British farmstead I, north of Egginton Brook, Willington (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7093 Romano-British Farmstead II, north of Egginton Brook, Willington (Monument)
Monument Type MDR6317 Romano-British farmstead, Stubbin Wood, Langwith Junction (Monument)
Monument Type MDR6296 Romano-British settlement (site of), Sherwood Lodge, Old Bolsover (Site)
Monument Type MDR2123 Romano-British settlement site, Litton Slack, Litton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1504 Romano-British settlement, Carder Low, Hartington Town Quarter (Monument)
Monument Type MDR923 Romano-British settlement, Pennilow, Hartington Town Quarter (Monument)
Monument Type MDR15142 Roundish Enclosure, Northwest within Whitwell Wood, Whitwell (Site)
Monument Type MDR6502 Scarcliffe Park (Monument)
Monument Type MDR8081 Semi-circular cropmark feature c. 450m north-east of Hoonhay, Hoon (Monument)
Monument Type MDR2087 Settlement and field system north of Brushfield Hough, Brushfield (Monument)
Monument Type MDR15531 Sheep fold/plantation (probable), Farnsley Lane, Stoney Middleton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR3312 Shrunken medieval village, St James Lane Farm, Kniveton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1165 Small earthwork, Thorpe Pasture, Thorpe (Monument)
Monument Type MDR6294 Square enclosure, Oxcroft Lane, Old Bolsover (Monument)
Monument Type MDR4028 Tumbling Hill, Earthworks (Monument)
Monument Type MDR12226 Two cairns and enclosure remains, Bolehill Wood, Outseats (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7351 Two conjoined post-medieval earthwork enclosures, Ingleby (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7156 Two cropmark enclosures, Donkhill Plantation, Catton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR1167 Two enclosures, Thorpe Cloud, Thorpe (Monument)
Monument Type MDR2590 Undated cropmark features, Parsons Hills, Repton (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7489 White Edge Moor, Enclosure (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7694 Willington: AP Enclosure & Drove Way (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7038 Wood boundary, Cauldwell (Monument)
Monument Type MDR7264 WWII searchlight battery (remains of), Woodhouses, Melbourne (Monument)